L is for Loki #AtoZChallenge

For the A to Z Challenge, I have chosen the theme of antagonists.

On my normal blogging days, Monday – parenting and Thursday – writing/publishing, I will tie that day’s topic to antagonists but on the other days (Tuesday, Friday and Saturday), I will write about antagonists from movies, TVs or books. On Wednesdays, my Quote of the Week will be from an antagonist that matches the letter of the day. Enjoy. 

L is for Loki. Now when I chose this super villain, I was thinking of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) in which actor Tom Hiddleston plays the nemesis of his adopted brother Thor.

The character Loki is based on the trickster god of the same name from Norse mythology and was created by Stan Lee, Larry Lieber and Jack Kirby. He first appeared in Venus No. 6 (August 1949).

Loki delights in finding new ways to be mischievous. He possesses the ability to manipulate magical forces for a variety of purposes: creation of force field, temporarily increase his own physical strength, cast illusions and manipulate the mind.

In the MCU, Loki first appeared in Thor (2011) where he spends most of his time trying to prove his worth as a son to Odin and that he should be considered worthy to be the future ruler of Asgard. He was also the antagonist in Marvel’s The Avengers (2012) as he attempts to harness the Tesseract’s power to open a portal allowing for an alien invasion that will let him take over Earth.  His latest appearance in the MCU is in Thor: The Dark World (2013) where he helps Thor before becoming fatally wounded. Of course, it is revealed at the end of The Dark World that Loki hasn’t died. He is set to be back for Thor: Ragnarok (2017), Avengers: Infinity War (2018), and IW’s untitled sequel (2019).

In addition to being a main character in the MCU, he has appeared on many TV shows (live and animated) as well as in video games and of course the comics. Though he is often portrayed as a super villain, sometimes he is depicted as an antihero which is one of the reasons he is such an intriguing character.

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2 thoughts on “L is for Loki #AtoZChallenge

  1. Andy says:

    I read a YA book a few years ago based on legends of Thor that had Loki as a villain. Really well written and entertaining. Wish I could remember the title *scratched chin.*

  2. Shari Elder says:

    I did Loki too, but focused more on Norse mythology than the films, although I love them too. He’s a great character, more anti-hero than villain in some ways.

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