New Release: Flirtatious Fantasies

This month Rusty Nock released his third erotic novel Flirtatious Fantasies. Here is an excerpt from chapter one.


The Tempestuous Sea

Following the air crash and subsequent events, involving James Brown and his unrelated, lady pilot Caroline Brown, they had managed to escape their ordeal of being marooned on a remote island in the Southern Pacific Ocean, by means of a wooden raft. They had set a course for the mainland, but when the sun began to set, they encountered a sudden deterioration in the weather, and the sea was getting very rough.

The storm became more severe and James and Caroline feared that they were about to perish. The waves started washing over the deck of their self-made raft, and the intensity of the wind was increasing. James decided to lash the two of them securely to the mast, as he was mindful that if either of them was to be swept into the mighty ocean, they could easily drown, even though they were both tethered to the raft by a rope attached to their ankles.

Caroline was sobbing from fear and fright of what might happen next, and the situation was now desperate. The thought that they both might drown together with their unborn child was terrifying, and all they could do was pray to the Almighty and cling on to the raft with all their might.

They were both becoming exhausted and the end was now a foregone conclusion. James held on tight to Caroline’s hand and he told her how much he cared for her and their unborn baby.

Then out of the dark night sky appeared the lights of a nearby ship. At first it looked likely that they would be mowed down by this approaching vessel, but that was not going to happen, as by some miraculous chance, they had been spotted by a fishing ship, which was now shinning a spotlight upon them.

The fishing trawler came close by but it was a tricky operation to get Caroline and James on-board. They lowered a harness and Caroline managed to secure it to her upper body, before she was hauled onto the deck of this pitching and rolling vessel. Then it was the turn of James and very soon the two survivors were safely on-board the little ship that had saved their lives.

They were shown to the crew’s quarters where they were wrapped in warm blankets and provided with hot food and drink.

James told the skipper their story and expressed his grateful thanks for the miraculous rescue, which seemed like a blessing from heaven.

After James and Caroline had taken some rest, James asked the skipper of the fishing boat to notify the Chilean Coastguards of their rescue, and following some discussion over the airwaves, the coastguard said they would send a motor launch to ship the survivors ashore.

Shortly after breakfast the next day, a boat appeared over the horizon and very soon James and Caroline had been transferred to the coastguard launch and they were speeding towards the port of Valparaiso in Chile.

Two hours later and they were once again on dry land, where there was a British Consul limousine waiting to transport them the 120km to Santiago.

This was big news as all hope of ever finding James and Caroline had long passed. Word had already been fed back to James’ wife Salina as well as the business headquarters of JRB Holdings Ltd.

There was a lengthy debriefing session both by the Chilean authorities as well as another at the British Embassy, and thereafter James and Caroline were able to think about returning to their respective homes. Caroline lived with her partner Trudy in the leafy suburbs of Santiago, where she had a splendid mansion house that reflected her status as a commercial airline pilot. She invited James to stay at her house until he could arrange a flight back to the United Kingdom, but James considered it appropriate for him to stay in a nearby hotel.

By this time, Caroline was approximately three months pregnant and it was the month of September 1966.

James and Caroline spent many hours together discussing how they should handle the situation regarding their unborn child.

Although Caroline had returned home to Trudy, she informed James that their association had caused her to re-consider her lesbian relationship with her partner Trudy, and she was uncertain how things would pan out.

James told her that no matter how things worked out with their respective previous relationships, he would support her financially, including their child. He said that as soon as he arrived home in England, he would arrange for his lawyers to draw up a financial package, which meant she would no longer be reliant upon her salary to fund her living costs.

James was unsure how he would be received by his wife Salina and based upon their relationship at the time of his departure for Chile, he suspected she might well be having some kind of relationship with another man. The thought had not entered his head that she could be involved in a relationship with a woman, and when he arrived home he was devastated to discover that she had a live in partner named Jane Golding.

Salina made it abundantly clear that she was determined to seek a divorce from James and remain in her lesbian relationship with Jane.

Having set up a financial arrangement in favour of Caroline, now back home in Chile, James decided to make telephone contact to find out how she was getting along. He was very disappointed when she explained that she had no intention of ending her gay relationship with her partner Trudy, and although she was looking forward to having James’ baby, he would have to accept that she and Trudy would parent the child, although he would have unlimited access.

Book Blurb

BookCoverPreviewFlirtatious Fantasies is the third book in a series about the fictional Brown dynasty. It contains many more interesting and sensational relationships, which will stretch your imaginative powers to the limit.

James Brown becomes involved in more entrepreneurial activities, which add to the enormous family fortune, amassed over a period of many generations. His involvement with the opposite sex blossoms, with more adventurous relationships than his forebears could only have dreamt of. Multi-partner activities develop to become the norm, and sexual fulfillment is achieved in many different ways.

The developing leisure pursuit of luxury cruising, affords the opportunity for promiscuity within an environment of lavish recreational facilities, where pleasures of a sensual and intimate nature can be exploited by the wealthy and elite. James Brown enters this dynamic market with ideas and facilities on-board that will shock some readers, whilst providing a surge of sexual stimulation to many others.

Only those with an open mind regarding sexual freedom and liberation should read the graphic details described in this book, as some of the explicit material may offend those who have limited knowledge of practices carried out in combined hetero and bisexual groups.

To follow the narrative of this book, it is advantageous to have read ‘Debaucherous Desires’ beforehand, but equally, the continuing story within ‘Flirtatious Fantasies’, can be appreciated in its own right.

Brace yourself for some adventure and enlightenment, and become absorbed within the imaginary business enterprises and intimate exploits, enjoyed and appreciated by James Robert Brown.

About the Author

CRP book signing - Copy[1]Rusty Nock is a 70 year old British author of three erotic novels, the latest one entitled Flirtatious Fantasies. He now resides in Worksop, England, not far from Sherwood Forest, the home of the legendary Robin Hood.

Rusty’s background is that of a family man with a great sense of humour, who has traveled to many corners of the world, and visited lots of interesting places. He has drawn upon a wealth of knowledge and experience of life, when crafting his literary works about entrepreneurial achievements and human relationships of a most intimate nature.

Rusty hopes his series of three books will bring much pleasure to those who are seeking a little sparkle in their everyday lives, and not afraid to allow their imagination run wild.

There may be other works to follow, but it all depends upon public reaction and the levels of encouragement from his reading audience.

Flirtatious Fantasies is available from Amazon as well as Rusty’s website.


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