Moms don’t get a sick day

The Omicron variant of COVID-19 is surging in our schools. We have had about 15% of the students and teachers out so it was no surprise when Lexie came down with COVID last week. When after school she complained about being tired and a runny nose, I just knew she had COVID and not allergies. It was her claiming to be tired that made me think she had COVID. She had fallen asleep early the night before which was so unlike her. A home COIVD test confirmed she had it but the rest of us were negative.

For her, COVID was very much like having a cold. She felt bad for one additional day after taking the test but generally was feeling okay except for not feeling hungry – also so unlike her. After 5 days at home, she was ready to go back to school.

Two days after Lexie’s positive, I started feeling “off.” It was that feeling you get when you are becoming sick. By the evening, I was having chills and running a slight fever. Our goal was not to let Jase or my husband get sick. Jase had an orchestra competition on the weekend and my husband had a hearing the following week. Neither could afford to be sick.

Unlike Lexie, I ran a fever and had chills and an aching back. Then a cough and some congestion. The goal was to let me rest. My in-laws delivered dinner for the next two nights. My husband took Jase to his competition. I spent time resting, feeling better in the day but worse at night.

When you are feeling sick, it is easy to rest and do nothing. But when I am feeling better, it is sometimes hard to just rest – especially when there is so much to do around the house (let alone for work or the PTA). It sometimes feels like the house doesn’t run without mom.

And while my husband always asks what he can do to help, it just sometime feels as if everything depends on me. Take last weekend for instance. I volunteered at the school and asked my husband to feed the kids lunch. They didn’t eat. He said they didn’t want anything. Or perhaps they didn’t think he would be able to make lunch.

So, you know who made them lunch before Jase’s competition?  Me.

While sick, the dishwasher wasn’t emptied of its clean dishes. Who put them away? Me.

My husband always says he doesn’t put away the clean dishes as he doesn’t know where anything goes. We have lived in this house for 19 years. You would think after all that time he would have an idea where things belonged.

While it feels like nothing has been done around the house, my husband did agree to go to the grocery store to pick up a few things. I don’t like sending him. If he doesn’t know where anything belongs in the kitchen, he certainly doesn’t know what I buy at the store. Plus, he usually buys a whole bunch of items (think junk food) that we don’t need.

Unfortunately, I guess a lot of this is my fault. I always do most of these things for the family. But this brush with COVID has made me realize that I need to train the kids (and my husband) a little bit better. Everything shouldn’t rely solely on mom.

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