Top Writing posts from 2021

At the beginning of each year, I usually make a list of my top posts from the past year. But last year was not a good one for me with keeping up with my blog. So instead of having a top 10 posts from last year, you get just 3. I’ll try to do better this year with posting so next year I can make it a full 10 posts on my list.

Creating a dedication or acknowledgment page for your novel

In a past post, I wrote about front matter – all the stuff that goes before your story begins. With the passing of my mother recently, my mind has been on dedications. (Click here to read more.)

Creating a Character Arc

I’ve written numerous times about characters – developing them, naming them and pretty much every aspect about developing what typically drives your story. But I realized I had forgotten one thing – the character arc. (Click here to read more.)

Using an emotion wheel to improve your writing

Creating strong characters depends on putting feelings and emotions into words on the page. Physical traits and character backstory can help create a vivid character, but it is how they behave to a situation that really makes them come alive. (Click here to read more.)

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