Customizing our Magic Bands for our trip to Disney World

As I have posted several times in the past seven or so months, my family has been planning a vacation to Walt Disney World (WDW) in Florida. About a year ago, WDW introduced magic bands.

These colorful, waterproof wrist bands are your ticket to the parks, your “Fast Pass” to the rides, your Photo Pass card, the key to your resort room (if staying on Disney’s property) and allow you to pay for meals and souvenir purchases (again, if staying at a Disney resort). They are included in your stay at a Disney resort or off-property visitors can purchase a band and have their tickets attached to it.

bands beforeThe bands come in grey, yellow, red, blue, orange and lime green. (Our original bands are shown in the photo to the right.) But what if you want something a little different? Well, I stumbled across a great thread on the Disboards about customizing your Magic Bands.

With a couple bottles of nail polish, I changed our magic bands.

CIMG2905Jase’s went from blue to purple (his favorite color). It took three coats of nail polish to hide the blue. I had purchased some glow in the dark nail polish from Amazon so that his and my husband’s magic bands could glow but that would change the color of his band too much. (The polish is a slight yellow color.) So we decided to just do the Mickey Mouse head imprint in the middle. How well this glows, we will have to see. I think it will be subtle.

CIMG2898Mine went from their blue to a pretty color called “sparkling water.” I love this color! I added some extra silvery glitter to the Mickey imprint in the middle of the band.



My husband’s band went from grey to black. I know, not very exciting there, but it was what he wanted. His is the only band that needed the extender piece which is a dark grey piece that comes attached to every band. (You simply peel off this section for kids or for us adults with small wrists.) Again, we wanted to try out the glow in the dark polish. I did the Mickey imprint as well as the grey extender.

CIMG2901Lexie liked the original pink band, but we went ahead and painted it with a pink sparkly nail polish. She happened to see one of the bands on the decorating thread that had jewels, so she wanted those too. I pulled some out of our craft basket and used Gorillla glue to attach them. The only problem was the glue dried white and showed on two of the gems more than I would like. My husband tried to use an Exacto knife and remove the visible glue, but it still wasn’t good enough so I covered it up with a little pink sparkly nail polish.

On all the bands, I put two coats of clear nail polish.

Now on the Disboard thread, there were some people who drew elaborate pictures, added tattoos or stickers or added jewels to their magic bands. I didn’t want to spend tons of money (or time) on this. I bought four bottles of nail polish (blue, black, purple and glow in the dark) for a total of $13. I spent three evenings painting them. Overall, I am pleased with how they turned out and expect to get some compliments on our unique bands while at the parks.

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