Why I write fantasy

Once upon a time….

Those are the words that start off many fairy tales. As a child, you hear tales of mermaids, fairies, trolls, unicorns, knights and magic. In these stories, animals can talk and often magic exists. It is a wonderful world of escape.

This is one of the things I love about books. They allow you to enter another time, another life, another world. You can be anyone. You can do anything. This is the magic of reading that I discovered as a child.

And when I became an author, I knew that I wanted to be able to sweep readers up into the story. I wanted to be able to let them enter another world, to experience magic, romance and adventure. I wanted to be able to do what other authors have done for me.

DragonIn the four years since I began this blog, I have never actually addressed the question of why I write or more specifically, why I write fantasy.

I think it is that early introduction to fairy tales and their world of magic that drew me to this genre. I have always liked unicorns and dragons. And I have always been fascinated by the idea of magic.

Even my choice of television shows (Merlin, Highlander, Buffy, Once Upon a Time – to name a few) and movies (DragonHeart, Marvel movies, Star Wars – again just a few to give you the idea) often reflect my interest in fantasy or science fiction.

In high school and college, I read Terry Brooks, David Eddings and Anne McCaffery. I got lost in their stories. And it fueled me to with the desire to write my own fantasy adventure.

Yes, I love writing and could write many different genres. I do love to read romances and mysteries, but they don’t call to me the same way the idea of creating fantastic lands with mythical creatures. I love creating whole new worlds. Yet, I have shied away from science fiction because of the science and technology issues. (Not my strong suit.)

The wonderful thing about fantasy is that there are no rules. Anything can happen. The only limits are my imagination and the prescribed order of the universe I create. For me, fantasy offers the ultimate escape.

I only hope that my fantasy stories allow readers to immerse themselves in another world, in an adventure that allows them to escape, dream and believe in a world of magic and magical creatures.