Today’s Featured Author – Anonymous

Today, I welcome an author who goes by the name Anonymous to my blog. Please check out my interview as we find out more about Anonymous’s book The Treatise of Wisdom. (But alas, we do not get to find out any more details of who Anonymous is.)


How much of yourself, your personality or your experiences, is in your books?

My experiences are laced throughout my stories.  Those experiences are rarely portrayed as they happened in real life, rather they are moulded by the story’s setting and characters.  The essence of the experiences, and the lessons obtained from them are true to life.

Experience is an important theme in The Treatise of Wisdom, in fact entire characters are built with it in mind.  One character in particular, Truffles, considers himself an experienteur, that is, an experience-connoisseur.

Have you started your next project? If so, can you share a little bit about your next book?

I have begun working on the second installment of The Treatise of Wisdom series.  The journey will unwittingly bring the trio of unlikely heroes to a place they never thought they would end up.  They will find out that what they previously knew about the world and the abilities of humanity, was tiny and erroneous.  Someone’s past will be revealed, and friendships will be tested as a result.  The country of Highland will step ever closer to its end.

What fuels you as an author to continue to write?

I befriended a witch once, years back, who determined me to be a Teacher.  Her definition of a Teacher is a person involved in finding the information that lays hidden in the background, and then finds a way to pass that information on, for humanity’s benefit.  That meeting did not form the idea that I was going to be a writer, but it is a good example to explain my drive.

Do you outline your books or just start writing?

I write my books as most people live their lives: I have a goal in mind, then I take the steps necessary to get there.  To illustrate further, I may have an idea of a major scene I want to happen sometime in the story, I then set the characters in motion, and I let the currents of their actions naturally lead them to the desired outcome.  With this method, the story grows both organically and with structure.

Please tell us about your current release.

My current release is called The Treatise of Wisdom, and is the first installment in  The Scroll of Knowledge series.  The book is a fantasy, but it could also be seen as a journey through the awakening of consciousness.  In this series, I wanted to illustrate the power of the mind, and the ways in which it shapes the world, whether for good or for evil.  I wanted to show how all of us have the ability to be more than are right now, and I wanted to provide the map to getting there.  I also wanted to tell a story that was entertaining and fun.  It is an interesting blend, and I thoroughly enjoy writing it.

What inspired you to write this book?

I once spent a winter living alone in a cabin in the northern Canadian wilderness, with no power, no running water, no television, no phone, no outside communication, and no other people.  The human is a social animal, and from the desire to talk and interact with others, came the writing of a story, so that I could vicariously have human relationships.  That was the beginning of the book, and I have continued writing it ever since.

What kind of research did you do for this book?

The research for this book was never formally for it specifically.  Out of general interest, I have spent a lot of time reading informational texts on many topics.  Books are a great place to get a foundation for knowledge, but experience is the real teacher.  By having lived various ways of life, having been on journeys over land and through the soul, and having developed relationships with people from all walks of life, I have been able to write this book from an almost first hand perspective.

Did you base any of your characters on real people?

No.  I gave each character a name and a gender, and sent them out to develop themselves.  Who they each became was a complete accident; their first scene in the story set the stage for what they would become.  A reader will notice that there are very few physical descriptions of the characters, except where it is necessary for the story.  I wanted the reader to picture each character any way they see fit; I wanted any reader, no matter who they are, to be able to step into each character, and see themselves.

Which of your characters is your favorite? Do you dislike any of them?

I have three favourite characters: Truffles, Fasthand, and Aimelyth.

Truffles and Fasthand are polar opposites.  Truffles is carefree, flowing, living in the present, and undisciplined.  Fasthand is utterly serious, hard, looking to the future, and incredibly disciplined.  I like them because they excel at being themselves, and where other characters are often unsure of themselves or hesitant to take the next step, Truffles and Fasthand bound forward and never question their actions.

Aimelyth is hard and independent in her actions, yet vulnerable in her soul.  Her life’s experience has been all about survival, but her emotional self was never allowed to develop.  As such, she is often lost in her relationships, and is very much a bystander viewing her own social interactions.

I dislike some of the secondary characters, but they are meant to be disliked.  My least favourite is Bower the clothier; he is pretentious and weak.

Can you tell us a little about the black moment in your book?

There are a few prevalent dark areas in the book, I will discuss two of them.

Softfoot and Fasthand are both warriors, though their methods and perceptions of battle are different.  Softfoot is a martial artist, and he is a philosopher who is very much stuck within his own head.  Softfoot’s perspective is of himself versus an opponent.  Fasthand is a war general; he is a brilliant man who is accustomed to viewing the minds of enemies and allies, and shaping their actions.  Fasthand’s perspective is that of a puppeteer with a very large cast.  The two men are at odds, and each must try to eliminate the influence of the other, to the downfall of one of them.

The second bit of darkness lays with Aimelyth.  She is a misplaced woman in search of herself, of her place in the world, and of love.  She has had a hard life, especially for a woman, and the experiences of her past have isolated her from almost everyone.  In order for her to become whole, she must go to the places she dreads most.

Book Blurb

SoKVivid, humorous, passionate, and full of adventure, this is a journey through the trials of nations, the power of the soul, and the science of magic.

All reason is abandoned, and out of desperation or greed, the guardians of nations do the unthinkable.

An oracle has forewarned that the glue that binds society is fracturing, and leaders are scrambling to avert catastrophe.  Most of the government is at odds about what should be done; some want to use war to rally the people to work together, some desire peace at all costs, and some secretly desire to use war to gain world power.

Meanwhile, the oracle has hand picked a small task force with unique qualities, and sent them on a mission to find a book that was written long ago, in hopes that the information it contains is powerful enough to stay the world’s tumble into anarchy.

They will need the teachings of unlikely masters in order to hone their skills and push them to the limit, if they are to succeed in the intrigues, conflicts, and hardships they will face as they are thrust into the unknown.

About the Author

authorPicAnonymous is a Canadian author, whose writing interest involves bringing the realms of myth and magic into a setting where they can be made natural and real. The human endeavors of adventure, courtship, friendship, and conflict, from the levels of individuals to those of nations, are prominent themes in Anonymous’ work.

You can purchase The Treatise of Wisdom on Amazon.