Aurasma App offers cool effects

While I am not one to download a lot of apps, in fact, I rarely add a new app for myself, I did download one right before our Disney World trip that I thought was worth a post.

While on the Disboards, I heard that the Aurasma app would allow you to do some cool things at Star Wars Weekends. I immediately searched for information about this app.

icon_256This is a free app that presents an augmented reality. When you see their “A” logo, you simply use their app to see a video, animation or 3D scene (called an Aura). But it doesn’t have to be something with their symbol. There is a whole list of Auras out there featuring every day objects, or you can even create your own. (There are plenty of You Tube videos detailing how to do this.)

Star-Wars-weekend-posterThe first thing I did after downloading the app was to try it on the Star Wars Weekend poster. Cool. Mickey flies an X-wing fighter.

I then tried it on the back of a one dollar bill. It is neat to see a short video begin only when the app is pointed at the dollar.

My original search on the app brought up several You Tube videos on making your own Aura. Interesting but I barely have time for all my other projects and keeping the house running that I won’t be making anything cool like these anytime soon.

So back to Star Wars Weekends at Hollywood Studios in Disney World…

While standing in line to shop at Darth Mall (cute play on words, huh?), there were several backdrops set up. There were two as you entered and two as you exited. If you used the app to take a photo in front of these backdrops, a special character or characters would show up in your photo.

Here is a picture of the back drop taken by our camera. (taken by Jase since he didn’t want to be in the photo.)


And here it is as seen through the Aurasma App.


Here is another one without a before shot…


And one more with the whole family…


It was pretty cool. Obviously, a lot of people were busy in line downloading the app. I am certainly glad I did.

Planning a trip to Disney World – Part 3

Our Disney World vacation is getting so close – just a few weeks away in fact. In case you missed the two other parts of my series…

In October, I wrote a few tips for newbies to planning a Disney World vacation (buying a guide book, making advanced dining reservations six months before your trip, and visiting the Disboards for up-to-date information).

In January, I wrote about staying on Disney’s property (verses at an off-site location) as well as some extras we are doing like Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique for my daughter and Pirates League for my son.

There are so many things I could cover, but I think today I will talk about an ever-changing development as well as one of their annual events. (To check out a full list of other special events, click here.)

Fastpass Plus

This is an ever-changing thing as Disney tests out their new fast pass program. As I write this (May 2nd) this is how the Fast Pass program works, but you can always check the Disboards for up-to-date information on what has change.

Fastpass is basically a way to skip the stand-by line for a ride. In the past, you pulled a paper pass but now everything is electronic. Every guest who has already purchased a ticket (no matter if they are staying on property or off) gets to book 3 fastpasses in advance. Those staying at a Disney resort can book their passes 60 days in advance. Those staying off-site, can book theirs 30 days in advance.

I know. You are wondering how you can even know what rides you will want to ride at what times – especially so far in advance. As I have said before, there is a lot of planning involved in going to Disney World. Yes, you can wing it but expect long lines. Fastpass is meant for you to skip some of those waits and to guarantee you get to ride your favorite rides or see a favorite attraction with a minimum wait.

At 60 days out, I booked my fast passes – even getting the coveted one so Lexie can meet Anna and Elsa. (The stand-by line for the Anna and Elsa character meet-n-greet is typically over three hours long.) Now I can change and rearrange them every day or even the day of our trip to the parks. Of course, some of the popular rides and attractions may not be available.

And just last week, they added where you can get a fourth (and fifth, sixth or seventh) fast pass after you have used the first three pre-booked passes. (Selecting one new fast pass from their kiosk and then another after you use that one.)  And those additional passes don’t have to be in the same park which is great for us who have park-hopper passes. (Park hopper means we can go to any park – Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and Epcot – throughout the day. The other option is to buy a one-park a day pass.)

If you are going to Disney World and need help deciding on which Fastpass to book, click here for a list of which fast passes are the most sought after and which save you the most time.

Star Wars Weekends

One of the reasons we are going to Disney World in June is to attend their Star Wars weekends, which run typically the last two weekends of May and the first two of June at Hollywood Studios. (This year they are offering Star Wars weekends for FIVE weekends. We will be there for weekend number four.)

DSCN3051Star Wars weekends offers meet & greets with Star Wars characters, autographs and Q&As with actors from the movies or animated series, special parades and fireworks and of course purchasing special Star Wars merchandise. And for the first time ever, they are even offering two special meals – one featuring Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Minnie and Chip and Dale in Star Wars costumes and the other featuring Darth Vader, Boba Fett, Greedo and stormtroopers. We will be checking out these both. (They are a limited time offer – only running from May 4 to June 15.)

Every day when I check the Disboards’ Star Wars Weekend thread, there is some other tidbit of information – special passes, tricks for signing up for Jedi Training Academy, or that you can trade trinkets with the Jawas – on the board.

Oh and as luck with have it – we are attending the same week that Mark Hamill (Luke Skywaker) will be there. This is his first Star Wars Weekend. It should be fun. If you have a Star Wars fan in your family (I have two), then you should definitely consider going during this event!