Today’s Featured Author: Stacy Juba

Today I am pleased to have author Stacy Juba on my site discussing her book, Twenty-Five Years Ago Today.


What or who inspired you to start writing?

I was an avid reader as a child and was hooked on mystery series such as Nancy Drew. By fifth grade, I was writing my own mystery stories. I enjoyed writing and seemed to have a knack for it so I wrote more and more. I was very introverted so writing became a way for me to express myself.

When did you first consider yourself a writer?

I think I’ve considered myself a writer since childhood. I won a few local writing contests in elementary school so the teachers and other kids always spoke of me as “a writer.”  I wasn’t entirely comfortable with that label in high school as it made me feel too different from other kids. I stopped writing for about six months after I graduated. In college, however, I discovered that I wasn’t happy unless I was writing.  Getting a book published at 18 reinforced the feeling that I was supposed to be writing.

How much of yourself, your personality or your experiences, is in your books?

I inject my interests or knowledge into various books. For example, I once had the same job as Kris Langley from Twenty-Five Years Ago Today – a newspaper editorial assistant who compiled the 25 Years Ago Today column. Cassidy from Sink or Swim is a personal trainer and fitness expert. I have a degree in exercise physiology and briefly worked in a health club. Dark Before Dawn reflects my interest in psychics and the metaphysical and Face-Off reflects the passion I had for hockey back in high school.

What is the best and worst advice you ever received? (regarding writing or publishing) 

The best advice was to join professional writing organizations and author networking groups. The worst was from an editor who suggested that I rewrite my mystery novel Sink or Swim and have the entire book take place during the reality show taping rather than afterwards. That wasn’t the story I wanted to tell and I felt that the premise had been done multiple times before. I wanted to write about the effect that getting famous, but not rich, had on the character’s life, which I felt was a more unique storyline. The book has gotten positive reviews so I think I made the right decision.

What is the best thing about being a writer? The worst?

The best thing is getting paid to entertain other people and make up stories. Writing the stories is entertainment for me, so it’s a fun career to do something that I love while helping people escape the stress of their daily lives. The worst is that you need to develop a thick skin when you get a negative review or a rejection from a publishe

What fuels you as an author to continue to write? 

I like to challenge myself both creatively and professionally. By creatively, I mean that I like to experiment with different genres, characters, and storylines. It’s rewarding to spread my wings and delve into the stories that I want to tell. Right now I’m finishing up a romantic comedy, and I never would have thought I’d write in that genre, but the dry humor seems to come naturally. It’s fun to let that lighter side of my personality come out to play. Professionally, it fuels my ambition to set goals and reach different milestones. Recent goals that I met were having my books available as audio books,  making the Amazon Kindle Top 100 Paid List, and making the Nook Top 5 list. Now I’ve set additional goals, such as making the USA Today list and Audible bestseller lists.      

Please tell us about your current release.

All of my books have recently come out as audio books for Amazon, Audible and iTunes, including Twenty-Five Years Ago Today, about a newspaper editorial assistant who stumbles across an unsolved murder on the microfilm.

How did you come up with the title?

The character, Kris Langley, comes across the murder while combing the microfilm for small news tidbits for her 25 Years Ago Today column, hence the title of Twenty-Five Years Ago Today.

What kind of research did you do for this book?

I interviewed a police officer about what type of penalty the killer might receive 25 years later, given the circumstances outlined in the book. Readers are often surprised by the ending, but it was based on research and what might really happen.

Which of your characters is your favorite? Do you dislike any of them?

My favorite character is Kris as she’s an underdog and I think readers will root for her. She’s trying to find her niche in life and rid herself of some emotional baggage. My least favorite is her editor Jacqueline, who I describe as Corporate Barbie. She treats Kris unfairly and doesn’t consider the feelings of those around her.

Do you have a specific snack that you have with you when you write?

I have a stash of miniature chocolate candy bars in the cabinet. I try to avoid it, but there are times when I need a pick-me-up after a long day at the keyboard!

Tell us a random fact about you that we never would have guessed.

I’m trained in Reiki, a form of hands-on energy healing, and have completed three levels of classes.

Book Description

25 YearsFrontCover web version

For twenty-five years, Diana Ferguson’s killer has gotten away with murder. When rookie obit writer and newsroom editorial assistant Kris Langley investigates the cold case of the artistic young cocktail waitress who was obsessed with Greek and Roman mythology, not only does she fall in love with Diana’s sexy nephew, but she must also fight to stay off the obituary page herself.

About the Author

Thousands of readers have been captivated by the books of Stacy Juba. Stacy published her first book, a young adult novel, at age 18 and she hasn’t stopped writing since. She has authored books for adults, teenagers and children. Stacy has written about high school hockey players, reality TV contestants targeted by a killer, an obit writer who solves a cold case, teen psychics who control minds, teddy bears learning to raise the U.S. flag, and lots more. Her titles include Twenty-Five Years Ago Today and Sink or Swim for adults; Dark Before Dawn and Face-Off for young adults; and The Flag Keeper and the Teddy Bear Town Children’s E-Book Bundle for children.

Find out more about Stacy on her website.

You can get Twenty-Five Years Ago Today at Amazon or Barnes & Noble or as an audio book at Audibles.