What do you do in your spare time?

Any stay-at-home mom will have received this question at some point in time. I am sure they have laughed at the person asking the question. Spare time? What is that?

As a stay-at-home parent, there is no such thing as spare time. Raising kids and taking care of a household really is a full-time job. Even after the kids start attending elementary school, your days can be filled with tons of activities to get done – grocery shopping (heavenly without the kids), errands (again, oh so wonderful without having to always be watching your little one) and volunteering at their school.

As most of you know, in my spare time, I am a blogger and an author. In addition to that, I do the bookkeeping for my husband’s (sole practitioner) law firm. And I am treasurer for the elementary parent-teacher association. And last week I announced my latest endeavor- a birthday invitation store on Etsy where I design custom printable invitations.

Spare time? What is that?

Of course, with all these activities, it isn’t to say that I am always doing something “work” related – though sometimes it feels that way. In fact, lately, I have been extremely busy with my Etsy store starting and the release of my latest book – The Heir to Alexandria (which comes out tomorrow). But I do get some downtime.

In my downtime, I love to read. And I am the type of reader that authors love because I get pulled into the story and have a hard time putting it down. This is so much of a problem that I can’t read in the daytime, or I would never get any writing done.

Of course, if I am not reading, my other evening activity (after the kids are asleep) is watching a few TV shows. As parents, my husband and I never get to watch anything when it actually airs. Thankfully, we have a DVR. (Yeah! We get to skip the commercials!)

Once Upon aTime promo image.jpgThere are three shows that we watch together which all seem appropriate for a fantasy writer as they are all superhero-based shows. (Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Arrow, and The Flash). Another good show for a fantasy author is Once Upon a Time. I love that show but so far can’t get hubby to watch it with me.

I also watch N.C.I.S., Criminal Minds and Suits. I know the channels are filled with “reality” TV shows and contest shows but those have never appealed to me. I do, however, like to watch Top Chef and any of its Masters variations. I don’t know why this show appeals to me as I am not a foodie. But I have been watching it since season 3.

BigBangTheoryTitleCard.pngThis fall I added a comedy to the shows I watch. I need a little bit of escapism and some laughter, so I turned to The Big Bang Theory. After my husband saw that I liked it, he bought me seasons 1-7 on DVD in November. It didn’t take me long to get all caught up. Awesome show!

And of course, as a fan of the San Antonio Spurs, I try to catch a game here and there. I use to watch pretty much all of their games, but now I don’t usually get to sit down and watch a whole game all that often. (We also use to have a partial season ticket package which ensured I would actually get to GO to 10 games a season. Gee I miss that. Maybe we will do that again next year.)

So, there is the answer to what I do in my spare time – what little I have of it.