Trying out for the school play

Last May, my son came bouncing out of school. “Please, Mom, can I try out for the school play?”

Of course, I said yes. I don’t know where his interest in being in the play came from. He had never attended the school play:  Wizard of OZ when he was in Kinder or Charlie Brown, which had been done just a month earlier.

I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised that he wants to be in the play. Earlier that school year, he had requested and been given a speaking part in the first-grade performance.

Little-MermaidJase was thrilled that he would be trying out for The Little Mermaid and picked up a Boy’s Audition packet the next day.

So we went home and read the packet information. They give out the audition packets in May and auditions were set for September. The play will be performed in April 2014. For his audition, he would need to be able to do two scenes – one as Prince Eric and one as Flounder. And since this is a musical, he also was given part of the song “Under the Sea” to learn.

So this summer, we would go over his audition about once or twice a week. In August, I tried to get him to practice daily. By September, he had the lines memorized and was getting much better at saying the lines with inflection rather than just reading them.

Jase’s choice role would actually be one of the sailors or Prince Eric. Even as we practiced, I doubted he would get Prince Eric. These were the lines he stumbled over the most. And I expected the leads of Prince Eric and Ariel to go to older kids.

At the end of the first week of school he brought home the audition form and permission slip which we filled out and sent back in. On the form, it asked what part you wanted, and if you were willing to accept a different part. I made sure Jase understood he might not get a part, or since he selected that he would take any part, he might get a part other than the one he wanted.

On Sept 10th, he had his audition. Parents weren’t allowed to watch. It was just the student and the judges. He bounced into the room and four minutes later, bounced back out. He said it went well. He only had to do the scene with Prince Eric and then sing. I wished he had chosen to do the Flounder scene because he does that one so much better than the Prince Eric one but it was his choice.

The following Monday they posted the cast list. Jase wasn’t on it. He was fine with not being selected. Later, he told me he was a little sad about it, but that it was okay.  I told him that I was proud of him for trying. There are 650 kids in his class and only 100 were brave enough to do that. I guess I will have to wait for May to see if he wants to try again next year.