School parties: Deciding to be my child’s class room rep/coordinator (or not)

This Thursday is Valentine’s Day, and I have parties to attend at each child’s school.

At the beginning of each year, the teachers always look for one or two parents to be in charge of the class parties. With the kids at separate schools, I can only pick one class to be the room rep for without being driven crazy in the planning area. Last year, I was the room rep for Jase’s kindergarten class and since this is Lexie’s final year of preschool, I opted to be the room coordinator for her class.

In preschool, that position has a lot more responsibility. There are six (yes, six) parties throughout the year – Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter and the End of the Year. Then there is also a school-wide party during Fiesta (which is a 10 day-long party here in San Antonio.) Yep, her preschool likes to party!

In Elementary school, they get two – Winter and Valentine’s Day. They had the Winter party in the classroom, but the Valentine’s Day party is in the gym. This will be the second year having the party in the gym where each grade level attends during their normal gym time. (This means Jase’s party is at 8:40 in the morning. Those poor teachers who have to deal with the hyped up kids for the rest of the day!)

Last year, we did a CandyLand theme. This year’s theme is a carnival.  All five first-grade classes (about 120 students) will be in the gym at the same time plus their parents (and some younger siblings). There will be games in one gym and crafts and snacks in the other. It is fun but a lot of work. It will actually be nice to just enjoy the party this year rather than worry about running it.

As for Lexie’s parties, I don’t mind being in charge. Jase attended her preschool for three years (three-year-old preschool, four-year-old preschool and their Gift of Time class for five-year-olds not entering kindergarten). After all that time, of course I know how to throw a preschool party.  I actually have it down to a formula. We get an hour for each party. CIMG0838We do a craft (love those self-adhesive foam kits – photo on the left is Gingerbread houses from Christmas), we play games (bowling, tossing games, bingo), and of course, we eat. Sometimes, there are other things added on – a book exchange at Christmas or an Easter Egg hunt at Easter.

The hard thing with preschool parties you never know what will take a long time and what the kids will hurry though. The kids can hurry through the craft and then eat their snack really slowly. The best idea is to have extra activities planned if needed. I usually like to bring an additional game though a holiday themed book also works.

Now next year, I don’t plan to be the room rep for either class. At the elementary school, kinder and second grade have their parties at the same time (at least for the Christmas party), and I don’t want to have to choose which child’s party to run or to attend. Instead, I think I will be a spectator once more and just bounce between their classes. It is more fun and relaxing for me that way.