Top Parenting Posts from 2015

As the new year begins, I wanted to take this time to highlight some of my parenting posts from 2015. If you missed out on these and want to read more, simply click the link to see the complete post.

Making family time a priority

It is easy throughout the year, and even more so during the busy holiday season, to be preoccupied with getting your list of chores and tasks done that you forget to take the time to stop and really just enjoy your family. (To read more…)

The necessity of Date Nights (or spending time together) for parents

Marriages take work. No one tells you that when you get married. There are compromises and fights along with the good times. And one thing that a couple needs to do – whether they have kids or not – is to continue dating. (To read more…)

Dealing with childhood anxiety

AnxietyOur rule-follower, Jase, is also our worrier. When we announced this summer’s vacation would be a cruise, he worried the ship would sink. When we went to a friend’s informal wedding reception, he worried about whether kids his age would be there. I knew our friend’s son would be there but that news didn’t reassure Jase, and he seemed uncomfortable with the gathering as we knew very few people there. (To read more…)

Discussing strangers, drugs and fire safety with the kids

Drugs, stranger danger, bullying, inappropriate behavior, sex, what to do in case of a fire (or other disasters) – there are a multitude of topics parents should discuss with their kids. (To continue reading…)

Personality trait or attention disorder?

Lexie has always been full of energy. Because of her horrible eczema when she was little we often indulged her – allowing her to be a little more rambunctious than her brother. She was so uncomfortable all the time but always a happy girl. But getting her to listen and follow directions has always been somewhat of a chore. (To continue reading…)

Starting ADD medication

I wrote back in March that Lexie’s teacher was concerned that she might have an attention or focus problem. I brought it up to Lexie’s pediatrician at her 7-year-old checkup in April. After a few basic questions, she gave us the paperwork to have her assessed for ADD or ADHD. (To continue reading…)

Dealing with Road Rage

There are many things that I don’t understand in life and one of them is Road Rage. Oh, I am not saying I have never been annoyed by another driver or waved my hand at them as I mutter a bad word or two over their stupidity. I am talking about the serious Road Rage that leads to someone beating another person or shooting at them. (To read more…)

Why doesn’t the tooth fairy and Santa bring equal gifts for all?

toothfairy 00140Madison gets a toy from the tooth fairy. I hope I get one too,” Lexie says as we tuck the miniature yellow tooth chest under her pillow.

“I don’t think so,” I reply. “Our tooth fairy brings you money. Madison’s tooth fairy can bring her toys if she chooses.”

“Mom, there is only one tooth fairy.”

It is a predicament that every parent faces. Kids talk. They talk about what the tooth fairy brings them. They talk about what Santa brings them. And often there is a discrepancy between what my kid gets and the other kid. (To read more…)

Leaving the kids home alone

Last week, I wrote about letting my son (age 9) walk home by himself and how so many people seemed astonished by that. So I guess, I shouldn’t mention to those same folks that I have let him stay at the house without adult supervision. (To continue reading…)

Two indoor “snow” activities for the kids

CIMG3537We don’t get much snow here in San Antonio. It might snow every three or four years, and even then it is never enough for the serious childhood snow play that I remember from my youth.

So whether you live in a snow-free climate or you just don’t like going out in the cold, here are two snow activities that you can do from the warmth of your house. (Click here to find out about these two awesome ideas!)


And here is to many more wonderful parenting post in 2016!



Dealing with Road Rage

There are many things that I don’t understand in life and one of them is Road Rage. Oh, I am not saying I have never been annoyed by another driver or waved my hand at them as I mutter a bad word or two over their stupidity. I am talking about the serious Road Rage that leads to someone beating another person or shooting at them.

Jroad rage1ust last month I encountered my first serious incident of Road Rage. (Thankfully not the latter more serious one I just mentioned.)

It was on the day that I went on my daughter’s first-grade field trip to the zoo. After seeing her get on the bus, I left to drive and meet her class at the zoo. My mind was already on where I needed to meet them as I zipped down the road.

Now I will admit I probably was going over the speed limit. The road that the school is on is a residential street though no houses face the actual street. The posted speed limit is 30 MPH, but I would say 75% of the people exceed that. (Not that it makes it right or anything, but just so you have a feel for the area.)

I was only a block from the school when I came up behind a slower car. I slowed down. The other car slowed down even more. OK, I got it. I probably was going too fast, and the man was trying to let me know.

He slowed down more and gestured out the driver’s side window.  Now he is clearly going WAY under the speed limit, and I am right behind him. If I am tailgating him, it really wasn’t on purpose, but he kept slowing down. I was watching his car more than his waving hand so if he was flipping me off, I missed that, but I did realize he was upset.

Road Rage 0017He then stuck his hand out again and gestured to the side of the road. He steered toward the side of the road all the while waving his hand. At the time, I wasn’t sure what he wanted. I thought maybe he was trying to get me to go around him, so I sped up and passed him.

Nope. That wasn’t what he wanted. He proceeded to speed up and tailgate me. Now I only had a glance at the driver but knew he was male and larger than I am. If he really thought I was going to pull over so he could (at best) berate me on my driving, he was sorely mistaken.

I have read in the newspaper and online of people who were beaten or shot over incidents such as this. I even read of a woman who was sexually assaulted over a road incident. Now I don’t think anything would have happened in our nice suburb but heck no am I going to put myself in that type of situation.

I was never angry during this whole situation. I went from confused to nervous. The man was intimidating me by tailgating me. It made my hands shake as I tried to figure out what exactly I had done to get him so angry.

As he followed me, I considered pulling into a gas station but by this time I got to it, I guess he had realized I wasn’t stopping for him. I did call my husband and relayed what happened to him. He tried to give the guy the benefit of the doubt that maybe he was alerting me to a problem with my car. I checked it when arriving at the zoo, and it was fine.

All I can assume is the guy either thought I was tailgating him or driving too fast in the neighborhood and was angry about it. I didn’t hit his car. I didn’t pull out in front of him. In my mind, I didn’t do anything that warranted his reaction. And even if it was, is it really his job to pull me over and yell at me? I certainly don’t think so. And given that same situation, I am not pulling over. I am just glad the situation didn’t turn out to be worse than it was.