Finally got the Quartz counter tops I wanted


Original laminate counter tops

For many years, I wanted to change the laminate counter we had installed when we built the house. But my dreams of a kitchen remodel when out of the window when my husband started his own business.


Painted counter tops

So to satisfy my needs for new counter tops, I spent $580 and spent five days painting the laminate. It looked good, but the durability of the paint job proved to be less than stellar, and I had to do a couple of touch-ups over the past three years.

This year we received a large tax refund, so we knew right what we would do with it. We would replace my painted counter tops with quartz ones. We knew which quartz color we liked so it was merely a waiting game until the right sale hit.

Finally in July, we rushed down and placed our order. We stayed right in our budget. That was until the guy came out to measure our kitchen. While my measurement we almost spot on, he had some suggestions.


My new Quartz counter tops.

The first was not to go with the thinner counter top which we had chosen in an effort to save money. He said that it would make the stove stick up at least an inch above the counter top and because of the edge we had chosen, the counter would look thin. Because I like how our kitchen looks now with a thicker counter top, I opted to go ahead and get the thicker ones. That of course increased our price.


The drop down sink and windowsill

He also suggested that we drop the sink down just for aesthetics. (We had purchased the sink during our last “remodel” and weren’t planning to replace it.) And he said we could line the windowsill with the quartz too. You probably already guess it – these add to our cost. But I agreed to do them because if you are going to only plan one purchase of counter tops, you might as well make it something you want and will be happy with. It is after all a big expense.


The buffet area in the dinette

My husband approved of all the additional expenses, and then it was off to wait for the counters to be cut. And we have a lot of them. In all, we ordered nearly 100 square feet of material for the kitchen counters, back splash (4” above the counters) and dinette buffet area.

They installed my beautiful counter tops at the end of August. It took them four hours to tear out the old and install the new. I love how they look and am glad we opted for the dropped sink and windowsill additions.

Our next step is to change the lights. We are thinking of going with recessed lights but haven’t begun pricing that step or looking for someone who can do it for us. After that we will be painting the walls of both the kitchen and dinette area. Who am I kidding? It will be me doing the painting. After I did both kids’ rooms last summer, I feel I can take on the kitchen too. And with that, our kitchen will be done…until I decide the floor tile needs updating.