Shark teeth and having the dentist pull baby teeth

If there was a contest to see who could have the most baby teeth pulled by a dentist, I think my son is winning. I’ve lost count how many teeth he has had pulled but I feel safe to say that 14 of his 20 baby teeth have come out at the dentist office. One of them during a cleaning but the rest we had her pull.

It just seems none of his teeth wanted to come out on their own. He didn’t lose his first tooth until he was just three weeks shy of his 7th birthday and had the four remaining baby teeth pulled when he was 14. I always tell him that his teeth just love him and don’t want to come out.

Why did we have so many of his teeth pulled? It is because he had shark teeth. (No, not pointy teeth of a shark meant for eating fish or biting people and surf boards.)

Usually, when the permament tooth comes in, it forces the baby tooth out. Sometimes, however, the baby teeth don’t want to leave the mouth, and the permanent tooth comes in behind or in front of it. This phenomenon is known as shark teeth. This happens with about 10% of kids. This happened to Jase at least four times. Now this usually occurs in the lower incisors but it can occur in the upper incisor (Jase) or the primary molars (Lexie).

Yes, now you can see that Lexie is following in her brother’s footsteps. She had developed shark teeth on her upper molars. And they need to pull the baby teeth so that maybe the permenant teeth will go back to where they belong. Or that at least is the hope when they pull the baby tooth. But it doesn’t always happen and results in a trip to the orthodontist. That is one of the reasons Jase has his Invisaligners. Two of his upper incisors came in way above the others. Even when the baby teeth were gone, the adult teeth remained too high. Now after a year of Invisaligners, those teeth are almost back in the correct spot.

But back to Lexie. When we go to the dentist today, they aren’t just pulling those two baby teeth. There are another 4 that should be ready to come out and only one of them is loose. Rather than wait until they cause problems, she will have all six teeth pulled.

Hopefully after this we are done with shark teeth and any remaining baby teeth that Lexie has will fall out like they should. The tooth fairy certainly doesn’t like these mass tooth pulling trips. It is hard on her pocketbook.