Counting Calories/Weight Loss Update

Back in February, I posted that once again I was back to counting calories to lose weight. (At the end of 2015, I found myself about 18 pounds heavier than I wanted to be.)

So I began counting calories which I had done before and successfully used as a weight-loss method. (It is maintaining the weight loss that seems to be a problem.)

There has been bad news and bad news…and of course some good? results.

Bad News #1

livestrongIn March, the My Plate app that I was using had an update that caused my information to merge with someone else’s info. While they did fix it finally part of the fix included logging out of the program. I had been using this app for such a long time that it was connected to an old email address and when the typical passwords didn’t work, I couldn’t ask it to send me the password as it would go to my old e-mail address!

In other words, I logged out and couldn’t get back in!

I sent the company an e-mail that they obviously didn’t read as they just sent back the instructions to log out of the app and log back in. By this time a week had gone by without me using the app to count my calories. It was also Spring Break for the kids and we were doing more activities and the calorie watching became harder.

My Fitness PalFed up, I decided to try a different calorie counting app – My Fitness Pal. I don’t know what it was about this app but I didn’t like it as well as My Plate even though it had great reviews. I guess I missed being able to look up my past foods with ease or the calories from a meal at a restaurant.

So here it is May and I have not been logging my calories. I keep saying I will get back into it but never do. Maybe I will have to give My Plate or My Fitness Pal another try.

Bad News #2

Well as you can guess, if I am not counting my calories, I am not losing weight. It became hard to stick to the calorie counting when after Spring Break we had my brother visiting. That included a Spurs basketball game, going to a gaming place with the kids and Easter dinner. None of those are conducive with dieting.

After that, our PTA put on a huge festival. It is a lot of work and again, not the time to be watching the calories. You eat whatever you can when you can. But after the festival, I have not had any excuse. I just have fallen off the calorie counting wagon. I am however still periodically weighing myself.

Good? Results

Woman holding her mouth uid 1461141On those weigh in sessions, my weight is fluctuating about 3-4 pounds. So I have either loss about 10 pounds or as much as 14. While this is good, I am losing weight at a much slower pace. In the first 5 weeks, I lost 6 pounds. In the next 12, I have lost 8 at the most.

I guess I should count myself lucky for not having gained back what I have lost. But as we head into May and June, I am hoping to get back into counting calories and lose those last few pounds. So starting today, I am back to counting calories (using My Fitness App).

Counting calories to lose weight – again

Woman holding her mouth uid 1461141Plenty of people make a New Year’s Resolution to lose weight. And many people will have failed to stick with their resolution a few short months or even weeks later. Losing weight can be hard. Heck, change of any kind can be hard.

I am not one who likes to make resolutions as I know how hard it is to stick to them, but I am determined to lose some weight.

As I look back at my former posts, I found this issue began three years ago when after the New Year, I posted that I would like to lose about 5 pounds. At the time, I wasn’t that concerned about the weight and dieting even though I had noticed a slow weight gain over the years. I just vowed to do better.

livestrongYep, it didn’t work because in September of that same year, I posted for the first time about counting calories. I had been to the doctor in July, and their scale showed me over 130 pounds. Now I didn’t just need to lose 5 pounds, I needed to lose 10! It was then that I knew if I didn’t do something, I would keep gaining weight. So I began counting calories with the help of the MyPlate app. (See the post for details on the app and counting calories.)

And with counting calories, I did lose weight. By the end of October of 2013, I posted that I lost 13 pounds in just 12 weeks! Yeah! And the good thing is that I really didn’t feel like I was dieting. It was all about making better choices and watching portion sizes.

That didn’t last long as the holidays hit. I ended up gaining 4 pounds over November and December. I again started counting calories to adjust my weight.

Fast forward to 2015. I knew this past Fall that I probably had been putting on some pounds when my jeans felt tighter. We had gone on a family cruise during the summer, and I ate whatever I wanted there. And before I knew it, there were lunches out with my hubby and family birthday celebrations, and then it was the holidays.

So when I stepped on the scale after Christmas, I found myself 13 pounds heavier than I wanted to be! (Make that 18 pounds if I went back to my original goal of 120 pounds from three years ago.) Yikes!

Needless to say I want to lose those pounds so I am back to counting calories. Now that I have done this before, I find it easier. I have hit my calorie mark every day within 100 calories. If anything I am more often under by a few calories rather than over. It is the times we eat out that really don’t help with counting calories.

I have been doing this for almost 5 weeks, and I have lost 6 pounds so far. But looking back at my history, I know it isn’t the losing of the weight that is my problem. It is keeping it off.

So this time, I vow that once I meet my goal weight that I will continue to count calories for at least two weeks (I prefer a month) so that I can get a good idea how much I should be eating each day. Only time will tell if that works. I may just have to step on the scale more often so that I can make adjustments sooner rather than finding out I am much heavier than I want to be and starting all over each time with a bigger weight loss goal.