H is for High School #AtoZChallenge

For the A to Z Challenge, I have chosen the theme of antagonists.

On my normal blogging days, Monday – parenting and Thursday – writing/publishing, I will tie that day’s topic to antagonists but on the other days (Tuesday, Friday and Saturday), I will write about antagonists from movies, TVs or books. On Wednesdays, my Quote of the Week will be from an antagonist that matches the letter of the day. Enjoy. 

For some high school was the time of their life. For others, it was a horrible experience that they would never want to live through again.

Yes, today is H in the A to Z Challenge, and I am talking about high school.

For me, it seems like a long time ago. This coming May will mark 27 years since I graduated. And it still feels far off for my kids even though Jase will be there in three years.

Of course, I do think about how it will be for him. The high school is so big. I don’t want him to be lost in the crowd. There are currently 2800 students there. This has him going from a class of 125 in his last year of elementary school to a class of 700 by the time he enters the high school in 2020.

And while Johnson High School is a good school, there are all the same dangers of any high school – bullying, cyber bullying, peer pressure, drugs and in general teenagers making poor decisions.

I was never a party girl in high school. I didn’t try drugs. I wasn’t bullied. I do remember not feeling like I fit in at times, but I had a close-knit group of friends. We hung out. We drove past boys’ houses. We had fun, but I don’t recall anything dangerous or crazy. We didn’t go to alcohol filled parties. We just had our own good times.

I can hope that these are the same experiences my kids have but times have changed. It is scary to read about the latest drugs kids take, the high pregnancy rates or the pressure on kids to succeed. High school is a time to learn and grow. And even “good” kids can fall to bad habits. I just have to hope and work toward making sure my kids don’t fall into that category.

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