A Day at the Spa

In October, a friend bought me a spa package as a thank-you for all I had done for him and his family. Now, I don’t usually go to in for a facial, pedicure or massage, let along spend the whole day at a spa, but I was willing to give it a try. It just took me until now to find a day to devote to relaxing – and what better time than during the busy holiday season.

Here is the spa package description from the brochure.

Spa Heaven package

Always a good time for this! Our most sold and loved package! Everything in the Deluxe Version! We start with our 80 minute relaxing Swedish massage. Then experience our famous Deluxe Facial. Followed by the moisturizing, pampering Deluxe Pedicure. Choose between a Shellac or Deluxe manicure. Enjoy a delicious lunch. 

So last Friday, I went for my day of pampering. I arrived a little before 9 am to sign some papers and pick out my lunch. I went with a Chopped BBQ Chicken salad. It was quite good.

My first stop was for the facial. I have done home ones but don’t recall ever having a professional one. The lady was very nice and walked me through everything. The deluxe facial included several masks and scrubs as well as steam and included treatment for both hands and feet. It was very relaxing.

Before coming, I had wondered what I would do during my five-hour spa treatment. I mean you are sitting there trying to relax but I am not used to doing that. My mind is always on overdrive – or so it seems. So during the treatments, I thought a little about a new job venture that I am considering (more on this in another blog if I go through with it) as well as my next books since the current one is almost ready for release. I was never bored and even got to read a little of the book I brought with me during the pedicure. But I am jumping ahead…

messageAfter the facial, I was escorted upstairs for my massage. I have had a few professional massages but only one other full-body massage. My neighbor who is a professional masseuse “paid” me for designing her business card with a 60-minute massage. I will say that this was nice but probably my least favorite treatment.

Then it was back into my street clothes and downstairs for lunch. (I had a wrap and a robe for the first two treatments.) Lunch was served in a private room. A bell was provided in case you need something or to alert them when you were done. Other than that, they left you alone to enjoy your food.

P1040120After lunch, it was time for the pedicure. After selecting my bright pink sparkly polish, I got to relax and read my book. Now I use to go out with some friends for pedicures so this treatment was something I was more familiar with. I decided to do the Shellac on my nails (verses the deluxe manicure). She said it would last at least four weeks verses the two weeks that you get with regular polish. I picked a sparkly gold color for the holidays. It is so pretty.

And that completed my day of pampering. It was nice, and I enjoyed it. But at the prices they charge, I am not sure I would do the whole package again if I had to pay for it myself. I could get away with just the deluxe facial – so relaxing!

Searching for that hard to find gift

Lexie’s birthday was coming up and all she could think about was getting an Elsa doll from the movie Frozen. We saw the movie Thanksgiving weekend, and miraculously, she didn’t ask for anything from Frozen for Christmas.

However, by January after listening to the soundtrack almost non-stop, Lexie was on a major Frozen kick. She loves Elsa. And because I have been on the Disboards planning our Walt Disney World trip, I knew that Elsa merchandise was nearly impossible to find.

As soon as she batted those beautiful baby blues at me and declared that this was what she wanted most for her birthday, I started looking online – Amazon, Walmart, Toys R Us, and Target. And just as I feared, everyone was “out of stock” – or in the case of Amazon, they wanted four times what the item normally sold for.

I then went to the stores – and I mean A LOT of stores – looking for ANY Elsa toy. Every time I could find Anna dolls but not Elsa. You could find Anna dresses but not Elsa. Even with the Anna stuff, some of it was hard to find such as just a plain “Barbie” type doll. (I snagged one when I did find it – as well as an Elsa dress that I finally found at Target.)

dogs and birthday present 3Now I didn’t want to be waiting until the last minute and be scrambling to find her presents. Instead, I went the other way. I really worried about it too soon. I looked on E-bay and there were several toys on there for bidding. But in my mind, I was thinking if I wait too long, they could disappear from E-bay as well. So I began to occasionally bid on one or two dolls, always keeping my bids in a range that I thought was reasonable for the item. (I am NOT paying two to three times what the item is worth, but an extra $5 is not unreasonable.)

So I ended up paying $35 for a toy that would have been sold in the store for $30 normally. That doesn’t sound so bad, but then you have shipping of $8. Now it is $13 more than what it would be if I found it in the store.

Then a week after the item arrived (and still two weeks before Lexie’s birthday), I was in a store and just happened to look in the toy section. There was the exact doll that I had bought! There wasn’t much I could do about it now. I had already paid more for the item. As my husband keeps reminding me – just think of how happy Lexie will be when she opens that gift.

Still it annoys me that I rushed into ordering one rather than waiting. But I was concerned about not getting the doll for Lexie. Would she have survived without it? Of course. But to see her face light up – it was totally worth it.

It is one of those situations where if I didn’t order it, then it would have been my luck that I COULDN’T find it in the stores. The items are gone so fast. People are snatching them off the shelves not just for their kids, but so they can make money off other people on E-bay. Basically, if you see something on the shelves, and it is a popular toy – buy it. Don’t hesitate. (I did this when I found a bed comforter with Anna and Elsa on it. Lexie loved it!)

So did I learn my lesson? Will I hold off purchasing something my kids want at a higher price? Well, I might hold off another week or two next time, but I still will be trying my hardest to get them what they want. Yes, they are spoiled that way.

This is the third in a three-part birthday series. The first was about birthdays that fall during a holiday or vacation, and last week was about waiting for RSVPs