Revisiting my first post: Can someone freeze time, please?

I have been writing this blog for a little over three years. In the beginning, I wrote twice a week on writing/publishing issues but then dropped it down to once a week. I figure I have written about 175 posts on the writing and self-publishing industry. That is a lot of posts covering a variety of topics. I feel like I have written about every subject out there though I am sure there are a few I might have missed.

I had been struggling for a topic for this week’s post, so I decided to go back and look at my first post to see if I could update it now that I have more experience.

pocket watchMy first post on writing was titled “Can someone freeze time, please?” It was about trying to find time to write while being a busy stay-at-home mom.

Sadly, I have to say that in the past three years, I have not figured out how to find more writing time or sometimes any writing time. In fact, I have written on this same topic at least five times, including a post on cutting out time wasting activities and one on diving your time between marketing and writing.

So in the past three years, I obviously haven’t found the key to finding time to write. In fact, I keep taking on more tasks (an officer position for the PTA, bookkeeper for my husband’s law firm, and for about 10 months a birthday invitation store on Etsy – which closed last week).

I have been bad about not prioritizing my writing higher on my to-do list. I know many authors spout out the adage about any small amount of writing time is worth it, but I don’t necessarily like writing a line or two here and there. I want some dedicated time to write. But I should know by now that this isn’t going to happen unless I put off some other things and make writing my priority.

This is one reason I am considering participating in the NaNoWriMo challenge in November. Most of my work as PTA Treasurer will be done for the year, our neighborhood Fall Festival will be over, and the call for volunteers at the school is at its lowest in November so this should be a good month to make starting my next novel my priority.

And in the meantime, I guess I will go back to writing my novel in the few spare minutes I have here in there. Because after all, I can’t freeze time.