52 Week Organizing Your Home Challenge

One day two weeks ago, I saw a post on Facebook for a 52 Week Challenge to organize your house. Our house could certainly use that so I clicked on it. So on this website, they have divided organizing your home into 52 different weekly projects.

P1040122Now in the past, I have tried to establish my own weekly projects. It usually only lasts a week or two before I get busy and forget to work on a project each week. Or sometimes the chore seems so big, I don’t want to tackle it.

This website will email you every Monday with a new challenge. If you don’t want more e-mails in your inbox, you can simply go to their site to get a PDF of the 2015 schedule.

2015-52-week-organized-home-list-largeNow, looking at the list, I can see some items that I may not care about or that don’t apply to me. We don’t store anything in our attic so I won’t need to organize that. And I already have a laundry schedule that works for me so I will be skipping that week. But there are still plenty of areas we do need to organize.

And this isn’t just a list of what areas to organize. Every week there will be an article with organizing tips related to that area as well as ways to keep it organized. I really need that second one. I don’t know if challenge will help me or not but I am willing to give it a try.

P1040123In addition to taking the 52-week challenge, I might also consider the Declutter 365 missions section.  On this portion of the website, you are assigned daily decluttering missions. Each one is only 15 minutes long.

Several are listed on the site but if you want the calendar with all 365 missions, you have to sign up (it’s free) on the site. But even if you would rather not sign up, there are tons of helpful hints on this site for decluttering your house.

Right now as I look around at our messy house, I could certainly use something to declutter and organize it. Whether this website is the answer or not, I am not sure. But I will give it a try starting in January. I will let you know how it goes.

Finding a lost toy tip

I just thought I would throw this story out there in case it helps anyone else.

P1040128Jase and Lexie were playing in the grass with some toys. The helmet to one of Jase’s Star Wars clone troopers lost its helmet. The kids and I searched everywhere in the grass but couldn’t find it. Jase was upset because it was a helmet different (Cody’s) from the rest of the clone troopers.

Enter my husband with his solution. He waited until that evening and then looked with a black light. Within minutes he found the helmet in the grass. So next time you lose a little white or light colored toy, consider using a black light to look for it. I hope this can help someone else.