C is for Criminal Minds #AtoZChallenge

CFor the A to Z Challenge, I am sticking with my normal blogging topics – Monday (parenting), Wednesday (Quotes) and Thursday (writing/publishing). But for the rest of the days (Tuesday, Friday and Saturday), I have picked the theme of TV shows.

Criminal-MindsToday the letter is C which is for the CBS show Criminal Minds. This FBI-procedural drama premiered in the fall of 2005 and is on its tenth season. The series follows a team of profilers from the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis unit. The seven person team focuses on profiling the criminal who often is a serial killer. The show can be very graphic and delves into a horrific side of life. It so disturbed one cast member quit the show after the first two seasons.

With its disturbing scenes, I can’t pinpoint why I like this show. (I haven’t been watching it from the beginning but did caught up on all episodes.) I think it is fascinating how they pick up on all these little clues about human behavior. And I love the characters – Dr. Spencer Reid, Derek Morgan, and Penelope Garcia. This is a show I would recommend – if it won’t provide you nightmares.