J is for Juggling Jobs – #AtoZchallenge

JToday on the A to Z challenge we are up to the letter J. I started my blog to write about two things – writing/publishing and being a parent. So with the letter J, I thought I would write about Juggling Jobs.

jugglingI wear many different hats and must juggle all types of responsibilities.

I am a self-published author. I am currently working on my fourth book as well as marketing my trilogy.

I am a blogger – posting at least two blogs a week (one on parenting and one on publishing or writing) plus a quote of the week and a Featured Author every Friday.

I am a parent and spouse. My husband and I have a six-year-old daughter in kindergarten and an eight-year-old son in 2nd grade. I volunteer each week in my daughter’s class during their computer lab. I also chauffeur the kids to gymnastics and karate each week. We also have four of the furry type children – three cats and our cocker spaniel puppy who is now 7 ½ months old. I do the majority of the household chores, all the shopping and am responsible for the house finances.

I am a member of my kids’ school PTA. This year I am co-chair of the faculty appreciation committee and am in charge of putting together a cookbook as part of the faculty gift for this year. Next year, I am taking on a bigger role and will be the PTA treasurer.

I am also in charge of my homeowner’s association newsletter, which comes out quarterly as well on the activities’ committee (which thankfully only has two pool parties and a Fall Festival each year).

And last, but not least, I also do all the book keeping for my husband’s law firm. Thankfully, he is just a solo practitioner so it isn’t too much work.

OK – I am tired just writing all that. Yes, I juggle many jobs, but I love being busy.