Preparing for an e-book release

CIMG1036So you have written an awesome story, edited it until it shines and formatted it for publication as an e-book. The cover has been designed and the engaging book blurb has been written. You are ready to release your book to the world. So what do you do now? How do you let everyone know about your masterpiece?

This is where planning your e-book launch comes in to play. How much you plan can depend on your own style as well as your time constraints or even how large of a fan base you have.

Many publishing houses plan their book launches months in advance. I haven’t done that with my books. My first two books were released within months of each other because they were already written when I decided to self-publish. So besides my short story, the only book I have released with any sort of real planning was the third book in my trilogy. I published it a few weeks after it was completed with only a little planning.

Soon I will be releasing my next book – The Heir to Alexandria – which I am still editing. So now is the time to plan out my e-book launch. I am hoping to release it mid-January. I have yet to pick an actual date since I am still in the editing process and don’t know how that will go with the holidays upon us.

Here are some things you can do to prepare for an e-book launch. You don’t necessarily need to do all of them. But select those that interest you and plan for them. The more planning you do in advance, the better reception your book will have when released.

Promote on your blog – Announce your release date, reveal your cover or even just write about your upcoming release. All of these can help build anticipation of your new book.

Plan a cover reveal – Some authors go beyond revealing their cover on their own blog. They build anticipation by revealing the new cover on other blogs as well. Several book promoters offer cover reveal packages. For some thoughts on whether a cover reveal is worth it, check out this blog.

Set up a New Release Blog Tour As soon as you have your release date, start lining up appearances on other blogs. Again, you can hire a company to schedule these for you or do it yourself. The goal is to spread the word of your book release by appearing on as many blogs as possible on the week of your release.

Giveaways – This can be used in addition to a new release book tour. You can raffle off a copy or several copies of your book.

E-mail subscriber list/Press release – If you have developed a list of blog followers or fans, you can e-mail them about your new release, perhaps offering them a discounted price. Keep this exclusive to those people. In addition to your e-mail list, you can also write a press release to submit to various new organizations.

Reviews – If you can, try and get some early copies out to reviewers. These really should be done at least 6 weeks before your release – sooner if possible so reviewers have adequate time. Ask for a short review on Amazon or Goodreads and for them to post it on their own blog/website.

Promote on Twitter, Facebook & other websites – You can start building excitement by Tweeting about your upcoming book or perhaps post a few excerpts on your own site or Facebook. There are many other sites that list new releases. This website lists 16 sites though I have not checked them all out.

The main thing is that you need to do SOMETHING. You can’t hope to publish a book with no fanfare and expect it to hit the charts. (Well, you certainly can hope or plan to do that but I think you will be very disappointed.) There are hundreds of books published each day. You need to connect yours to the readers out there who will love your book. And the time to start doing that is BEFORE it is published.


Today’s Featured Author: Yvette Allen-Tatum

Today, Author Yvette Allen-Tatum stops by my blog as part of her I Didn’t Know virtual book tour.

From The Author

 I Didn’t Know – Identifying, Confronting & Overcoming Child Sexual Abuse – the title is indicative of the subject matter.  In this book the author brings to the forefront the many faces of child sexual abuse; those of the victims and the abusers.  Yvette Allen-Tatum boldly confronts her past of child sexual abuse to demonstrate that TRUE deliverance is possible.  Yvette believes that we ALL (victims, abusers, enablers, nay-sayers, etc.) can OVERCOME the horrible effects of child sexual abuse.

This book proves that true healing is possible and necessary for us to become more than CONQUERORS through Christ Jesus.

As a community, we have to:

  • Identify Child Sexual Abuse –
    • We have to talk about it (raise public awareness)
    • Know the signs & symptoms
  • Confront Child Sexual Abuse –
    • Error on the side of caution – THE CHILD
    • Be quick to BELIEVE the victim and make all necessary inquiries
    • Studies show people are more apt to believe the innocence of the accused; this has to END
  • Overcome Child Sexual Abuse –
    • We overcome by the Blood of the Lamb and the WORD of OUR TESTIMONY

Book Description

i didn't knowI Didn’t Know is for more than just an audience of one. If you look to your left, look to your right, or directly in the mirror, you will see or know someone who has been sexually abused… even if you look in the mirror, and the person is YOU! More than the tragedy of sexual abuse is the tragedy of the silence of sexual abuse. It must be talked about. Our stories have to be shared; someone’s life is literally depending upon YOU to BREAK THE IGNORANCE OF SILENCE! “I Didn’t Know” brings to the forefront the many hidden faces of child sexual abuse. The author, Yvette L. Allen-Tatum, shares not only her story, but the compelling testimonies of others–everyone from the actual victim, to the offender, to those who standby by in disbelief and allow these heinous crimes against our children to continue. Our voices have to be heard, our children must be free or freed to tell the TRUTH: that someone touched them. Who can they run to? Will it be you?

About the Author 

YvetteAuthor, Teacher, Conference Host, Public Speaker, Encourager, Motivator, Ordained & licensed Minister of The Gospel, Radical for Christ, undercover Comedian and the list goes on

Yvette is a graduate of Grace Christian College where she earned her Masters of Divinity and a Bachelor of Arts in Theology.  She is also a graduate of University of Richmond, where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a Concentration in Finance and a Minor in Leadership Studies. In addition, she has 30 plus years of experience in income tax preparation and bookkeeping.

As the Founder of Surrounded by Faith Ministries, Yvette has had the opportunity to touch and transform the lives of many women with the Word of God.  This mighty Woman of God has a prophetic teaching anointing which has enabled her to cross many boundaries.  As such, the Call of God on her life has broadened from transforming the lives of women to transforming LIVES with the Word of God.  While she still holds a passion to train and equip women in the life study and application of the Bible, her ultimate goal is to strengthen families.  To do so her platform is geared to men, women and children.

You can connect with Yvette on her website. Or follow her on Twitter or Facebook.

You can purchase I Didn’t Know on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Book Blog Tour: Kathryn Leigh Scott

Author Kathryn Leigh Scott is on a Blog Tour to promote her latest release, Down and Out in Beverly Heels.


Where were you born and where do you call home?

I grew up on a farm in Minnesota after living in Norway for a year when I was a toddler. How different my life would be if my parents had chosen to remain in the small Norwegian village where my father was born! Yet I think I would still have become a writer and actor because so many of my family members, including my parents, wrote and acted. My brothers are both excellent writers. I am thoroughly American, yet I’ve lived, worked and traveled all over the world, filling notebook after notebook with journal writings. For many years I called Zurich, London and Paris home. Now I divide my time between New York and Los Angeles.

When did you first consider yourself a writer?

I’ve been drawn to writing and acting since I was a child and they are still my twin careers, one always feeding the other. I wrote a play about George Washington in second grade, but it was all about Martha, the role I intended to play. I wrote short stories all through grade school, worked on the school newspaper and in high school won a state award for an interview I did with Carl Sandburg. I attended the summer “cherub” program at Northwestern University on scholarship when I was 16, after applying in both the journalism and theatre departments. I consider myself so blessed that I am still working as a writer and an actor, and I’ve though of myself as both since I was seven years old!

How much of yourself, your personality or your experiences, is in your books?

Much of what I’ve written is nonfiction. I am very drawn to memoir, having written books about my experiences working as both a Playboy Bunny while in drama school and as one of the original actors on “Dark Shadows.” When I turned to fiction with Dark Passages, I was able to incorporate everything I knew about the behind-the-scenes world of Playboy and live soap opera in the 1960s… that’s very rich material! I also tend to write funny and it reflects my take on life. I’m essentially a happy person with a robust sense of the ridiculous… and I do love taking a poke at artifice and complacent thinking. Down and Out in Beverly Heels is about a homeless woman, but however harsh her life becomes, she deals with it in a very resourceful, humorous, upbeat manner. My work as a writer is very much character driven and dialogue comes naturally… is that a surprise?

Have you started your next project? If so, can you share a little bit about your next book?

I’m currently writing a sequel to Down and Out in Beverly Heels because I love the character. I sometimes wish I were Meg Barnes! She’s tenacious, fun, resilient and so appealing to me. I’m writing in the mystery romance genre, but I tend to choose plots that have serious underpinnings, in this case sex trafficking. I guess I need a bit of fire in the belly when I write and dealing with the harsh realities gives my character some bite and purpose. I like that.

Do you write full-time? If so, what is your work day like? If not, what do you do other than write and how do you find time to write?

I’m an early riser and quite often go straight to my desk with a cup of tea to read over what I’ve worked on the day before.  My goal is 1000 words a day and I usually manage it. However, I’m also an actress so sometimes auditions and acting take me away from my desk. For relaxation, nothing’s better than a long walk or cooking for friends. There’s no point in trying to write at night because I simply can’t!

What fuels you as an author to continue to write?

I can’t not write. It’s as simple as that. It’s hard and sometimes I wonder what I could accomplish channeling that time spent writing into some other endeavor, but I keep writing. For one thing, you learn things about yourself you never suspected.

Do you outline your books or just start writing?

I write a synopsis that is very complete and then I outline. However, invariably by chapter 6 the characters take off on their own. It’s easy to write yourself into a corner that way, but at a certain point you have to trust your characters to figure things out.

What inspired you to write this book?

Down and Out in Beverly Heels is about a woman who leads an enviable life until it all comes crashing down when it’s revealed that her husband is a conman who has fleeced her and her friends… she loses everything she’s worked so hard for and ends up living on the streets of Beverly Hills is what she calls her “Ritz-Volvo.” The novel is inspired by an experience my brother had when he unwittingly hired a man in the witness protection program, who was an embezzlet… and my own experiences meeting women living on the edge, “homeless and hiding it.” It takes so little: career meltdown, bad investments, catastrophic illness or accident, natural disaster, etc. I think we all live with the apprehension that we could lose everything in a blink of an eye. The “What if” factor is the springboard to imagination, making me ask myself what I would do if the worst happened? How would I cope?

What kind of research did you do for this book?

For a number of years I’ve volunteered serving weekly meals to the homeless in my community and volunteered in other capacities where I’ve assisted people in need. Without prying, I’ve come to know a few women who are living on the edge, who have lost everything, but are not recognizably homeless… what I have come to call “homeless and hiding it.” I drew on all those experiences in writing this novel. I also stockpile clippings and read up extensively on any of the matters that touch my characters. One of my characters is an FBI agent and I spent some considerable time talking to a friend who is an FBI agent.

Did you base any of your characters on real people?

Several reviewers have referred to my array of “quirky” characters. I think my acting training comes in handy in building very specific characters with lots of back story and dimension. I haven’t based any of my characters entirely on real people, but as I write about them they become very real to me. One of my favorites is Ariana, a former actress with great style, who is completely batty… and I realize she sprang from my memories of a great friend who was a fashion designer. Believe me, the fashion designer would never recognize herself, but I blush when I think how similar they are in their eccentricities.

If this book is part of a series, what is the next book? Any details you can share?

The sequel is almost completed. I’ve pulled in my favorite characters from the first book and developed the wonderful relationship between Donna and Meg. Donna is essential to Meg, I realize, and a great foil. Only now do I realize how much I’d like to change a few things in the first book that would make this sequel easier… but alas, I have to move on within the confines of the characters I’ve already established.

If you could be one of the characters from any of your books, who would it be and why?

I feel a great kinship with my lead character, Meg Barnes. I’m sure friends who read the book think she’s based on me… if only! I admire her tenacity, resourcefulness and great sense of humor. She’s much freer and looser than I am. She’s brave and can endure hardships that I’m afraid would break me. Perhaps I’ve just written the woman I’d like to be, but frankly I’m a bit envious of her.

Is there a specific place in the house (or out of the house) that you like to write?

I’m blessed to have an office in the back of my house that looks onto the garden and is awash in sunlight. Writing is a lonely business, but there’s comfort in looking out at trees and my rose bushes… and having my cat, Daphne, curled up on the window bench. At odd times she’ll get up and meander across my keyboard, but you can’t blame a cat for being a cat.

Book Description

DownAndOutInBeverlyHeels_Front_Cover_FinalFrom brunch in Bel Air to homeless in Hollywood…

Former actress Meg Barnes used to have it all: tony Beverly Hills address, Amex Black card, Manolos for every day of the month. Not to mention a career as a popular TV detective that made her glittering life possible. But her lifestyle of the rich and famous has turned into a reality show for d-listed starlets. Lost in her Louboutins, she has one man to thank: her con man of a husband.

Handsome FBI agent Jack Mitchell knows a suspect when he sees one—even if she’s as beautiful and gutsy as Meg. Meg’s ex “made off” with half of Hollywood’s wealth in an epic real estate scam. And Jack thinks Meg may have been involved.

Determined to prove her innocence Meg teams up with her quirky, movie-mad best friend to track down her fugitive husband and exact justice. But getting her life, and her career, back on track is harder than auditioning for Spielberg. Especially when her life is threatened. Meg has to trust Jack, the man who may want her behind bars…or as his leading lady for life.

About the Author

KathrynLeighScottKathryn Leigh Scott, author of Down and Out in Beverly Heels, is probably best known for her star turn as Josette Du Pres, ingénue bride of reluctant vampire Barnabas Collins in the TV cult classic “Dark Shadows.” This is her second work of fiction, following her debut novel last year, Dark Passages. While continuing her acting career, Kathryn launched Pomengranate Press to publish books about the entertainment industry, “Dark Shadows” fan books, and other nonfiction and fiction titles. For more about Kathryn, please visit her website.

You can purchase Down and Out in Beverly Heels on Amazon.

Tuesdays: Reducing the number of times I post on my blog

My busy December was followed by a hectic January and the fact that I sometimes feel so behind with everything has made me come to a decision. As much as I enjoy writing three times a week on this blog, I need to cut it down to just twice a week. So from this day forward, I will no longer post about publishing and book marketing tips on Tuesdays. I will alternate those with my Thursday posts on writing.

This, of course, leaves Tuesdays open. I figure when I have the time I can always add a book update or announce a new release or perhaps even be able to handle the occasional author that inquires if I can host them as part of their book tour. (My Friday Featured Author feature is usually booked 3-7 months in advanced.) Yes, I think I will leave Tuesdays a little more open to accommodate other authors.

So if you have tour coming up in late February or March and are still looking for a host, please feel free to let me know using the form at the end of the post.

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