Aurasma App offers cool effects

While I am not one to download a lot of apps, in fact, I rarely add a new app for myself, I did download one right before our Disney World trip that I thought was worth a post.

While on the Disboards, I heard that the Aurasma app would allow you to do some cool things at Star Wars Weekends. I immediately searched for information about this app.

icon_256This is a free app that presents an augmented reality. When you see their “A” logo, you simply use their app to see a video, animation or 3D scene (called an Aura). But it doesn’t have to be something with their symbol. There is a whole list of Auras out there featuring every day objects, or you can even create your own. (There are plenty of You Tube videos detailing how to do this.)

Star-Wars-weekend-posterThe first thing I did after downloading the app was to try it on the Star Wars Weekend poster. Cool. Mickey flies an X-wing fighter.

I then tried it on the back of a one dollar bill. It is neat to see a short video begin only when the app is pointed at the dollar.

My original search on the app brought up several You Tube videos on making your own Aura. Interesting but I barely have time for all my other projects and keeping the house running that I won’t be making anything cool like these anytime soon.

So back to Star Wars Weekends at Hollywood Studios in Disney World…

While standing in line to shop at Darth Mall (cute play on words, huh?), there were several backdrops set up. There were two as you entered and two as you exited. If you used the app to take a photo in front of these backdrops, a special character or characters would show up in your photo.

Here is a picture of the back drop taken by our camera. (taken by Jase since he didn’t want to be in the photo.)


And here it is as seen through the Aurasma App.


Here is another one without a before shot…


And one more with the whole family…


It was pretty cool. Obviously, a lot of people were busy in line downloading the app. I am certainly glad I did.