An Arcade-themed breakroom

Last week, I wrote about my husband’s new office and covered some of the decorations that are not found in a typical law firm. The one area that I didn’t cover was the break room.

If you read last week’s post, you know that we tend to decorate with things we like – Batman, Avengers, Star Wars, and Indiana Jones. We even put photos of roller coasters in one of the spare offices. So, what to do with the break room…

We went with an 80s arcade theme.

The main attraction of the room is an arcade machine we bought that has 400 arcade games from the 80s. We needed something to put it on and planned to build a simple shelf. But on a trip to Home Depot, we saw these glass bricks on clearance and that simple shelf turned into this.

Surrounding our arcade machine is 3 metal posters from Displate. It is pretty cool that they are put up with magnets so no additional holes in the wall.

My husband also wanted a dart board. I bought this electronic version with safety darts on Amazon. We did have to have electrical outlets run for both the arcade game and the dart board. Next to the dart board is a pinball print I found on Etsy.

Also from Etsy, I found these metal signs of old video games and these Rubik Cube/Pacman creations. They were quite delicate as my husband broke one the first time he tried to pick it up, but luckily the vendor sent a few extra Rubik Cubes, so we were able to repair it. He then put a clear coat on them to hopefully secure them together better, but I am betting if they ever fall off the wall they will be in a million pieces.

Leading into the break room, we hung this lighted arcade sign that I found on Amazon. It runs on batteries.

For the counter, we have this Space Invaders canvas container to hold snacks, and I decorated an apothecary jar for their Sweet&Low.

The employees love the room. Now the only issue is making sure they don’t spend too much time playing in the break room rather than working.