Adding another puppy to the mix

new puppyOk, I knew I was crazy before when two years ago we added a dog to our mix. (We already had 3 cats and 2 kids.) Now I am proving that craziness by adding yet another puppy.

Katie Bell (like our other dog Sadie Rose) is a Cocker Spaniel. She is 10 weeks old and joined our family a week and a half ago.

My husband had been pushing to add a new puppy to our family for a few months. He thought it would be good for Sadie Rose to have a playmate. Dogs are after all pack animals so it made sense. But a puppy is a lot of work. And as much as a new puppy can be fun and exciting, I knew that a lot of the care for this new puppy would land on me.

So after we came back from our vacation, we decided if we were to get a new puppy, now would be a good time. We are planning a June vacation and this way the puppy would be out of the stage when she needed the most extra attention.

We decide we wanted another Cocker Spaniel as Sadie Rose already fit well into our family and had not caused Lexie any allergy problems.

I began casually checking the animal shelter sites, Craigslist, some Facebook pet pages, and our local paper. When Cocker Spaniels didn’t turn up, we started talking about what other type of dog would work with our family.

Lexie about this time found out about dog shelters that euthanize pets. So she and I discussed adopting an older dog. She loved most of the dogs on the sites we visited but many of them were larger dogs or too old to put in a house with a 2 year old dog who still wanted to run and play. My husband still thought a puppy would fit best into the family.

I said we would wait until the right puppy came along even if it took a few months. There was no reason to rush into any decision. Well when I was looking online, I found a Cocker Spaniel puppy. It was just one and listed at 8 weeks. But it was a bit of a drive away so I didn’t respond. The next week there it was again. I decided to find out why there was only one puppy. (The parents were listed as being on site so I figured there should be more in the litter.)

It turns out the woman who owned the puppy and her parents had given one of herĀ siblings to her granddaughter and the other sibling had gone to a neighbor but so far they couldn’t find anyone for this puppy. She said several people had been interested but none had shown up.

The next day, my husband left work and went to check out the puppy. And of course brought her home. She is black with a little bit of brown on her paws and over her eyes. This pleased Jase as he wanted to make sure we got anything but another golden Cocker Spaniel like Sadie. He wanted Sadie Rose to stay unique.

So Katie Bell has been her for a week and a half. She has been settling in just fine. Sadie Rose is adjusting to her. Now if we can just get her to stop barking at the cats….oh, and don’t worry, I think I have this crazy thing under control. We are stopping at 5 animals!