ADHD medication follow up

Back in June I posted about starting Lexie on ADHD medication to see if that helped her focus (and would confirm that she actually did have ADHD.) At the time, we started her on the lowest dose – 5 mg. After two weeks and very little behavioral changes, we moved her up to a 10 mg dose at the beginning of July.

You could see an immediate change. Lexie was calmer but not doped up or appearing drugged. She would follow directions better and could sit and read a book with me or do some class work. (Yep, I am that mom that has my kids doing school work during the summer, so they don’t lose everything they learned.)

But how would we know if this was the correct dosage? It is one thing to have her at home and focused but totally different to be in a classroom with 20 other students.

When we went back to the doctor, she immediately noticed the change in Lexie’s behavior.  No longer was Lexie rolling across the examine table. She sat there calmly playing on her iPad.

We told the doctor that we would keep her at this dosage and reevaluate at her after school started. The doctor agreed that was the best course of action.

IMG_0226So at the beginning of this year, I sent a note to Lexie’s second-grade teacher. This is nothing new. I always send a note on the first day to give the teacher a head up on her allergies (Epi Pen) and eczema. This year I added a paragraph about the ADHD. I asked her teacher to monitor Lexie’s behavior and let us know if Lexie’s dosage needs to be increased.

Last week, we had our fall parent-teacher conference. Lexie’s teacher marveled on her improvement in reading. Last year, she was behind and had special tutoring. Over the summer, I too had noticed an increase in her reading ability. Both her teacher and I attribute it to the medicine. Finally, we think Lexie is able to pay attention and focus on the story.

Of course, my husband said she had been playing more games on her iPad that required reading and that may have been the extra motivation she needed. Either way, we are thrilled to see she had made such a large jump in her reading.

Her teacher said she thought Lexie’s dosage was at the right level. She can stay focused in class, but she doesn’t seem overly medicated or tired.

I agree. We give her the medication daily and on the weekends, I can see a difference of when she is on the medicine and when she is off it.

The medicine has affected her eating habits some.  There are days when she barely touches her lunch. But she sure makes up for it when she gets home from school, and the medicine’s effect wears off. That happens usually within the hour after returning home from school.

And this means that when we do homework, she is no longer on the medication. Sometimes it is struggle to get her to focus but I like that she has that time to try without the benefits of the medication. We are allowing her to work on her self-control at home where we have the time for it and the medication is allowing her to focus at school. I think it is the perfect blend to manage her ADHD.