E is for Elliott #AtoZChallenge

For this year’s A to Z Challenge, I have chosen the theme of dragons as characters. Whether they appear in film, TV, cartoons or literature, these dragons may be the star of the show or just a supporting character.

E is for Elliott, the green dragon in Disney’s 1977 animated/live action film, Pete’s Dragon and the 2016 live action remake. Elliott’s look in both films is very different. In the 1977 film, he is green with a litter underbelly as well as a tough of pink hair on his head and pink bat-like wings and purple spines down his back.

In the 2016 remake, he is much bigger with large wings and is covered with green fur. His face is catlike. In this scene where he comes out of his cave, he has cougar like movements.

In both films, Elliott befriends a young orphan named Pete. The 1977 Elliott is clumsy and a mischief-maker, but never really means anyone any harm. He speaks in bops and signs that Pete seems to understand.

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