Busy with Used Book Sale & Preparing for New Carpet

Well, I had hoped to get back into posting regularly but it hasn’t been happening. I have been busy (as always). So I thought I would show some photos to show you what I have been up to these days.

This is the North East Council of PTA’s Used Book Sale. It is an annual event where local schools in our district collect Used Books, DVDs, CDs, comics, audio books and such for our Council PTA to sell (with the proceeds being divided between participating schools). It is a great literacy event as all those books you see are sold for under $1 each. But as you can imagine, this 3 day event is a lot of work.

In addition to working at the Used Book Sale, I have been getting our house ready for new carpet. We built this house 19 years ago. It still has the original carpet!!! Yes, we have gotten our money’s worth but it sure has needed to be changed for several years. Why haven’t we before this…well, it is all the work it takes packing up all the stuff we have upstairs.

It will all be worth it, I’m sure. And it is giving us a reason to purge some stuff we have had stored in the closets.

And, another thing I have been working on is the A to Z Blogging Challenge which starts in just 10 days. Check out my post on Thursday as I preview my theme for this year.

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