Happy New Years…and top parenting posts

Happy New Year!

Yes, I have been missing in action for quite a while. It began while my mom was in the hospital and then after she died, I didn’t have the heart to spend my time writing. When school started back up for the kids, my volunteering ramped up into overdrive and I haven’t made much time for my blog or for my writing.

But it is a New Year, and I’m starting the year off with the goal (not a resolution) of picking back up with my blog. I already have a few topics in mind for January. We have a lot of catching up to do.

Typically, one of my first blogs of the year is a recount of my top 10 posts in both the parenting and writing/publishing areas. But this year, I’m afraid I won’t have written much. As one would expect, some of the topics were pandemic related. Though being in Texas which has no pandemic restrictions means life here has become very “normal.”

So, here are a few of my top parenting posts from 2021. I’ll do the writing/publishing ones on Thursday.

Surviving the wintery Texas snow

If you are in the United States this past week, I am sure you heard about the massive winter storm that tore through Texas. I’ve lived in Texas for the past 25 years and in San Antonio, Texas for the past 19. Never have we seen an arctic blast like this one. (Continue reading here)

Encouraging kindness and tolerance

Generally, I like reading the comment section after news stories or the comments people post on Facebook or NextDoor. I like seeing the differentiating opinions, the ways people see a situation through their own lens of experience and knowledge. It can be very thought provoking or it can…be well rude, demeaning and unkind. (Continue reading here.)

Harry Potter themed conference room added to our already non-traditional office decor

My husband’s law firm has always had some non-traditional office decor (for a law firm). We have a Batman, Avengers and Star Wars hallway. (Soon we will have completed our Lord of the Rings hall and dragon hall.) Our conference room has an Indiana Jones theme, and the break room has an arcade theme. You can check out my other posts on some of those decorations here or here.

So when we expanded yet once again in October, we decided the new conference room would have a Harry Potter theme. (Check out pictures and details here)

Mourning a loss…part 1

It has been far too long since I have last posted. May typically is a crazy busy month with Mother’s Day, my son’s birthday and just the multitude of end of the school year events (that were actually in person this year.) The kids last day of school was last Friday.

But what made these last few weeks even worse, as the headline of this article states, I was mourning the loss of my mother, who died on May 9 (Mother’s Day for those in the U.S.) (You can read part one or part two here)

Palate expander for my daughter

Ever since Jase went to the orthodontist many years ago, Lexie has been waiting for her turn. Why, I am not sure as I know I wouldn’t want braces. And in fact, her teeth are not as crooked or out of place as they were for Jase. (Read about getting a palate expander here.)

Getting a kitten…from Olive Garden

When most people go to Olive Garden, they enjoy a nice meal. What do I get? A kitten.

Over Labor Day weekend, the family went to the movies. Because, the movie ended at 6 p.m., I suggested we stop for dinner on the way home. Olive Garden, one of the kids favorite, won, and we headed to the one by my husband’s office. Walking from the back parking lot, we spotted a little black kitten playing beside the building. (Continue reading here.)

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