Not sure I’m a leader

The other day, I received an email from Texas PTA. They are looking for leaders for their Emerging Leaders Academy. And while I am the PTA president for my local middle school and the elementary school PTA before that, I don’t feel much like a leader. As I read about Texas PTA helping people to become empowered leaders within the PTA and throughout the community, I decided this might not be something for me.

I’ve always seen these other confident women in the PTA and never felt like that was me. Last year, I joined our local Council PTA (in addition to being on the boards for both the middle school and high school). But rather than run a program such as Founder’s Day, Used Book Sale, or Clothes Closet (all big programs), I took on a much smaller role as the training chair.

As training chair, I don’t run the trainings or even plan or schedule them. My job is to get people to sign up to attend them. It is not a hard job. But as you can only hold the position for two years, I will have to decide what I will want to do next year. Again, I think nothing big, nothing that I am going to have to do a lot of work. Part of that is because I don’t have the time for a time sucking project and part of this is because I don’t think I would do well leading a big project.

I am sure there are many – including those on my middle school PTA board – that would say I do a lot now as PTA president. But I don’t do this alone. I have other officers or board members to help, and the school administration also is there to offer support. My job is really just to keep track of all the projects and make sure they get accomplished. But it is always just projects that have been done before. I am not the innovator who comes us with a new program or lead a rally or plan a protest or speak to the legislature (all things I’ve seen other PTA members do).

A few days after I received the Texas PTA email, a friend texted me the link to sign up with a message that I should apply for the program. So, now that has me thinking, should I? I still don’t feel like a leader. I do like being involved. And sometimes, all we need is someone to encourage us to try something. That is how I joined the Council PTA. A friend reached out and said, we could use you. It feels nice to be asked, to be recognized as someone who could make a difference.

Now, whether I sign up – and get accepted – for this Emerging Leader Academy is yet unknown. But I’m happy that some people have spoken up and said they see me as a leader even if I don’t always see it in myself.

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