A psych eval and being the tallest woman in the family

Lexie turned thirteen a few weeks ago. Yep, I now have two teenagers. And with each birthday, there comes a trip to the doctor for a well-check.

Lexie was happy to know there were no shots this time. Going to the doctor during COVID is always an interesting time. We checked in – from the car. Wearing our masks, we went to the room and answered some of the nurse’s questions before she and Lexie left to get her height and weight.

From the exam room where I waited, I could hear Lexie’s exclamation.

“Ha! I am now taller than my mom!”

Yep, she is officially half an inch taller than me. And that makes her taller than both her grandmas. It makes her the tallest woman our immediate family. She doesn’t want to count cousins, second cousins or great aunts. She is thrilled to be the tallest. And of course, in a family of fairly short women, she is hoping to get even taller.

After a quick physical, Lexie did speak to the doctor about reducing the strength of her ADHD medication. Right now, we only have her take the medication on school days. On vacations, summer and weekends, she doesn’t take it. She thinks she is more “herself” on those days. The doctor agreed she could try a lower dose for a month. If her ability to concentrate or her grades slip, we will be going back to the current dose.

That done, there was one thing left – a questionnaire that is given out at the thirteen-year-old check. It is to check their mental health. Are they sad all the time? Depressed? Suicidal? They are supposed to answer this questionnaire on their own. With Jase, I just answered any questions he had to be about the questions themselves. Lexie, on the other hand, wanted to go over the questions with me. And she agonized over each choice and fearing that some of her feelings were brought on by her medication. But there was no where to add any explanation. I told her that if they were concerned by her answers, I’m sure they would speak with her.

The nurse came in three times to see if she was done with the assessment. Finally, Lexie was satisfied with her answers. I’m sure if they are concerned, we will get a call but honestly, feeling moody or sad is quite normal. As long as those feelings aren’t consuming her, she will be just fine.

Of course, she will be. She is now the tallest woman in the family – at thirteen years old.

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