I need more time! – A September update

Well it is September. Ok, technically it has been September for six full days, and I have not posted at all in September. Ugh. Well, as always my excuse is that I am busy. And will continue being busy through at least this week and maybe next week. I keep saying – and hoping – that things will slow down after the middle of this month. Ok, here are some things that have been keeping me from posting.

PTA – This shouldn’t come as a surprise. One, I am on 3 different PTAs. And two, well, all PTAs are busy at the beginning of the year. The one that takes up most of my time is the Middle School, where I am PTA president. Not only did I have to prepare for the first board and membership meetings of the year, I also am filling in as 2nd VP and in charge of fundraising. I have been working like crazy to get our silent auction together. It has been more challenging to get donations since many business are struggling or not even open. The online auction is live right now. I did get 70 items donated and as I write this, the auction has already raised the PTA $1000 and it still has until Tuesday evening before it closes.

In addition to the auction, I have been working to get community sponsors for the PTA. I have 10 lined up which I think is a good start – again because I have the same problem with businesses. They are struggling but so is the school and PTA.

And in addition to all that, as PTA president, I sit on the school Campus Improvement Committee which has already met twice in the first 2 weeks of school. This is more often than normal but the school is working to transition students back into the building from virtual learning and the principal has been using the committee to aid in those plans.

The other two PTAs – high school and district council – are also busy but certainly not as crazy, time-sucking like the Middle School. For the High School, I do communications which so far has been a few Facebook posts and updating the website. Next up is their Newsletter. But I like this stuff – writing & designing – so it doesn’t feel like work. For Council, I do training – not the actual training but am in charge of getting people signed up and I send out the training meeting links. It is pretty easy but they have had to change some training session days and times which has given me some additional work.

School – So the kids have now completed 3 weeks of virtual learning. It has been going well, and they seem to like it. It is a vast improvement from distance learning they did back in April & May. But it does interfer with my work as they do come talk to me during “passing periods” or when they get out of a class early. Plus I have to remember when their lunches are so I can have food ready for them. Lexie’s are at the same time each day but Jase has a different lunch time Monday, Wednesday and Friday than he does on Tuesday and Thursday. And of course they don’t have lunch at the same time. And when they aren’t in school, there is still making sure they are doing their homework or studying for their tests.

Driving – Yep, as I said in my last parenting post, Jase is now driving. You think it would easy to find time to take him out driving but between school, work, PTA, and just house things such as laundry or making dinner, it actually gets hard to fit this in. We are going today. I mean it. It is Labor Day after all and he has no school so driving is on our must do list.

Work – I think many people actually forget with all my volunteering that I do have a paying job too. This week I should be doing invoices for my husband’s law firm but it was filling out the forgiveness form for his PPP loan that has taken up a lot of my time recently. I don’t want them to have any doubts that we used the money as intended so I had to collect and organize a lot of back up documents. But we submitted that last week so now it is up to the bank to review it and agree that we don’t need to repay the money.

Writing – Though I have written often that I haven’t been working on my current novel, I have actually been working on it more lately. In fact, I had to stop writing a scene when I realized I needed to post to my blog. I’d set a goal but that never works out well. But I will keep working on it – just as I will try to keep up with posting on my blog.

If nothing else, hopefully, I am correct and that after next week, I will have more time to write, post and just breathe. Not thinking or working on PTA stuff non-stop will be a nice change. And I can see that day coming…really, I do. (Or if not, at least let me have my delusions. They are after all that is keeping me going.)

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