Is there a thing as too much volunteering?

I have a problem. That is the first step – admitting it.

I definitely have a problem.

And it isn’t that I can’t say no. It is that I love being involved.

I love being involved in my kids’ schools and knowing what is happening. It is this love for volunteering and being involved that has led me to my current predicament. I now have 4 volunteer positions. Yep, you read that right. In addition to working part-time and writing a novel, I will fill the rest of my time with lots of volunteering.

Middle School PTA

This past school year, I was PTA President for the middle school. It has been a crazy year with the last fourth of it being done from home. That didn’t stop my volunteering, there was still awards to pass out, staff appreciation, PTA elections, and end of the year money to distribute. And I survived. I’ve always said that the second year of a position is easier. Yep, I am PTA president for another – and final – year. But unlike this year, I don’t have a full staff. I am hoping to fill those positions at the beginning of the school year. If they don’t get filled, it means more work for me.

High School PTSA

This is my first year with a child at the high school. I know nothing about the programs or activities here. I didn’t want to jump into a big commitment so no officer position. (I’ve done the officer at two PTA thing before and nope, not again.) They listed off some very low key jobs. Boring. So, I went with communications. Basically, I post on Facebook and do a quarterly newsletter. At least it is a position I can do from home. And it will be a good way to learn everything the PTA does.

Council PTA

I didn’t expect or seek out a position on the North East Council of PTAs (a group that oversees all the PTAs in our school district), but I have a friend who is an officer and well…I told her I might consider a position if it was small and not too time consuming. So now, I am in charge of training. No, I don’t have to train anyone or even book the room for the training. I merely send out sign ups for training, make the sign in sheet that is then emailed out to the person doing the training and then keep track of which PTAs have members attend training. (The school with the highest attendance wins a paid trip to the state PTA conference in Dallas.) All of this can be done from home.

Orchestra Association 

Now before I joined the High School PTSA and Council PTA, I attended a meeting about the high school orchestra. It had been a scheduled parent orientation meeting that of course had to become a Zoom meeting due to stay at home orders. At the beginning, the president of the Orchestra association spoke. They do fundraising, help out with concerts, and throw parties/dinners for the students. Sounds like something I would be joining so I sent an email…next thing you know, I am in charge of the programs for the concerts. It was that or t-shirts. Again, mostly something I can do from home.

So, needless to say, I will be busy next school year. Have I overextended myself? I don’t think so. I think I have the time to contribute to each of these groups. But only time will tell if that is true.


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