Keeping the kids busy this summer

School has technically been out for the past week and a half though the kids finished their distance learning the week before that. And now that we are officially into summer, it is time for my annual “What we are doing this summer” post. This year is a little different since we are still in the midst of our state reopening businesses.

Pool/Water Park

I love the free option of our neighborhood pool. It just opened at the end of May with a limit of 20 people to keep with the social distancing. It is usually empty in the mornings so that is when we will go.

We also have a season pass to Six Flags. We bought them so we could use their water park. But as I write this, Six Flags has not reopened yet. When it does, you will need a reservation to get in. And I don’t know yet if the water park section will be open. We will just have to wait and see.


Every summer, I make sure the kids do some extra chores throughout the summer. I like to call these “life skills.”  They include laundry, cooking, grocery shopping and cleaning. Last year we did a new food each week which went over well. This year, I just added some new foods to the cooking assignments.

Violin/Driving Lessons

During the summer, getting Jase to practice his violin instead of playing video games can be hard but luckily, he still has his weekly tutoring sessions, and Dr. K will certainly expect him to practice between meetings. And if all goes as planned, he should have an orchestra camp at the high school before school starts.

Jase also turned 15 recently and today will be getting his learner’s permit. We have signed up for an online course that guides him through learning the rules of the road while we do all the actual driving lessons with him. Since my husband works, I expect that I will be doing a lot of the lessons. (Yikes!)

Summer Trip

And in between these activities, we do have one summer trip planned. Originally, the kids and I planned to go to New Orleans with my parents. But due to the pandemic, we changed our plan and will go to go to South Padre Island for a few days of beach fun.

Hopefully, I will be able to balance keeping the kids busy with them playing video games. I’m sure all too soon it will be time to think about back to school.

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