L is for Li’l Abner #AtoZChallenge

For this year’s A to Z Challenge, I have chosen the theme of comic strips. For those young ones out there, a comic strip is a few drawn panels telling a story which appears in the newspaper. The first daily comic strip began in 1907, but the color comics (Sunday funnies) actually began back in 1894.

L is for Li’l Abner, written by Al Capp. The comic strip ran for 43 years from 1934 to 1977. It is unique as it was the first comic strip based in the South. The strip featured a fictional clan of hillbillies in the impoverished mountain village of Dogpatch.

The comic strip had 60 million readers in over 900 American newspapers and appeared in newspapers in 28 foreign countries. While it may have started as a simple premise, but the strip evolved into one of the most imaginative, popular and well-drawn strips of the twentieth century. It featured vividly outlandish characters, bizarre situations and biting social commentary.

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