Making Comic Con or Halloween costumes

If you have been following my blog, you know that typically we go to our local Comic Con and when we do, we dress up. And of course, the kids dress up at Halloween. Some of these times – for either occasion – we buy a costume online, but many times, we make our own. Sometimes that means finding all the different pieces and putting them together or it might mean just buying a costume and creating props.

Now, I don’t sew and don’t really consider myself a crafty person. Luckily for my family, we have my husband who is much better at costume making. It started with making his own Jedi costume.

Jedi Costume

Store bought robe and boots and scrubs for the pants

Made tunic belt and light saber






Han Solo Costume

Store bought pants and shirt (and boots from last year)

Made vest, gun, holster and pouch, added red stripe to pants




Night Wing Costume 

Store bought boots and black jumpsuit

Made weapon (which had magnets to allow the 2 pieces to become a staff), mask, armor and added blue logo and trim to jumpsuit



Harley Quinn

Store bought boots, shorts, tattoos, wig and fishnet hose

Made the bat, dyed the wig myself, gun, holster, bracelets, choker and bag

(Find out more about making this costume here.)




Store bought shoes, pants and shirt

Made armor, mask, gun






Rebel Pilot

Store bought orange jump suit, gloves, belt and boots

Made helmet, white vest, grey air supply accessory




Lara Croft

Store bought tank, shorts, boots and wig

Made guns, holster and bags


Indiana Jones

Store bought pants, boots, shirt, hat, gun and whip

Made holster and scuffed up/tore shirt



Canary (left)

Store bought jacket, corset, boots and wig

Made mask, eskrima (staff – which could break into 2 and slide into the leg holsters)

Dragon Hunter (middle)

Store bought leggings and boots

Made tunic, armor, bow, & sword

Imperial Tie Fighter (right)

Store bought costume, gloves and boots

Made helmet. breast-plate panel and gun

Fleet Trooper (from Star Wars)

Store bought boots, pants and shirt

Made vest, helmet, 2 guns and holster





So as you can see, we have made quite a few costumes which is more fun than buying one but it does take a lot of work.


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