Trying to keep the kids busy for the summer

The last day of school was last Thursday. Lexie is now officially done with elementary school. In just 10 weeks, school will start back up. Until then, I have to find a way to keep the kids busy. Guess this means it is time to write my annual “What we are doing this summer” post.

As the kids get older, it is harder to find things they want to do…much less do together. But I usually manage to come up with something.

Water Park/Pool

I love the free option of our neighborhood pool, and we plan to go there a few times a week. I prefer to go in the morning because we often have the place to ourselves, but if we go in the afternoon, we have a better chance of running into classmates or friends. Either way the kids have fun.

We also have a season pass to Sea World and Aquatica (Sea World’s water park). While it is too hot to enjoy the theme park rides during the hot summer days, the water park offers a fun afternoon.

Jase and I went to Schlitterbaun (the original waterpark in New Braunfels) in May with his middle school orchestra. It was fun so we may all go here one day this summer.

Life Skills

Threee summers ago, we went over some “life skills” which included laundry, bank/credit cards, renting vs owning, cooking, and other things to help them survive out on their own. But you can’t do a summer or two and expect it to all stick. So this summer the kids will pick up additional chores, and I have plans to work on cooking and having the kids try some new foods this summer.

Violin lessons

During the summer getting Jase to practice his violin instead of playing video games can be hard but luckily, he still has his weekly tutoring sessions, and Dr. K will certainly expect him to practice between meetings. As added motivation, at the end of the school year, it was announced that Jase would be concertmaster (1st chair violin) when the new school year starts in August. He wants to keep that title so hopefully he will be motivated to practice this summer.


After last year’s Alaskan cruise, we decided this year we wouldn’t plan any big trips. At first, I wanted to plan just a few weekend trips so my husband wouldn’t have to miss too much work. As it turns out, we only have one weekend trip….but have three other trips also planned.

The first is just an overnight excursion here in our hometown. This year the annual city attorney’s conference is here in San Antonio at the Riverwalk. We decided to stay downtown for a night and while my husband attends the conference, the kids and I will see the Alamo, the Riverwalk and the wax museum.

The following week, I am taking the kids to Corpus Christi. My husband is staying home, but don’t worry, we won’t be bored. My parents and brother are coming along. My parents have not been to Corpus Christi so we are going for four days. We plan to hit the beach and tour the USS Lexington.

And then in July, my husband has a meeting in Austin, and the kids and I will be tagging along. I don’t know what we will do there. We might just hang at the pool.

The last trip is a weekend trip to South Padre Island. And this one is not a working one for my husband so he will get to hang with us at the beach. He will have to return home on Monday but the kids and I are staying an extra day to go to Schlitterbaun on the island.

Overall, I think I will have enough options available to keep the kids busy rather than bored…or more importantly off their electronics for some of the summer.

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