Using my Cricut to decorate cups and shirts

Almost two years ago, I wrote about getting a Cricut die-cutting machine for Mother’s Day. After owning it for a few months, I finally cranked out four projects over two days (a dragon for my cellphone cover, 2 shirts and a toiletry bag).

Well, in the past two years, I have done a few other projects, and learned a lot. Here are a few of the other projects that I have done.

Cosplay Helmet

If you follow this blog, you know that every year, my family dresses up for ComicCon. This past year, my son was a tie fighter pilot (from Star Wars). He needed the imperial symbols on his helmet which I cut out of white vinyl.

Campaign shirts

My mom ran for City Council. Originally, I just made her 2 shirts that she could wear while campaigning. Then the kids and I joined her in a city parade so I went ahead and made shirts for us.


Concert shirts

My husband and I went to see Imagine Dragons in concert in Houston in November 2017. I made us shirts to wear (cheaper than buying them there). Then Imagine Dragons came to Austin in August 2018. This time we took the kids to the concert, and I made myself a new shirt as well as ones for the kids.


PTA bag 

For my last birthday, I asked for a new bag to carry all my PTA papers since I was on two different PTA boards. Of course, I decided to customize it. I’ve gotten several comments about it.



Cups as Gifts 

My husband needed something to give some of his employees for Administrative Assistant’s Day. And of course, we waited too long to actually order something. Enter my idea to customize insulated cups for them. The paralegals got black coffee cups and the others received colorful tumblers. I did six in all.

At the end of the school year, the PTA president typically gives out small gifts to the board members. I decided to customize tumblers with “Stop me before I volunteer again” and filled the cups with candy. They were a big hit.




Cups for Family 

I had two cups left over from the PTA cups so I made one up for both of the kids. For my daughter, she wrote her name on a piece of paper, I scanned it in and then put it on her cup. My son likes Star Wars and choose this design and then I added his initials in the Star Wars font.

And since I am trying to drink more water, I bought an insulated tumbler. On one side I did my initial (in the same format at the ones for my hubby’s employees) and on the other a dragon.

Overall, most of my projects have gone pretty well. And I like that comments I receive when people see them.

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