Finishing out the school year

It is Memorial Day here in the United States. This typically signals the end of school and the start of summer. As it is, the kids just have 8 more days of school – and they are busy as usual.

This week, Lexie has field day on Tuesday. This is 3 hours of outdoor (and a few indoor) activities to promote health and teamwork.

On Wednesday, the school is doing a panoramic picture of the whole fifth grade (about 100 students). When I was in elementary school, they didn’t do this. It was saved for graduating seniors of the high school. We will go ahead an order one even though the one we bought her brother is still in the cardboard roll it came in.

The day all fifth graders here wait for is Friday. It is the end of the school year pool party. The kids get to walk to the neighborhood pool (about 1/2 mile away) and swim and eat for 3 hours before walking back to school. I threw the one when Jase was in fifth grade.. This time I am attending but not running the show. It will be a nice change.

Jase at his Come Alive theatre (with Lexie) – May 2017

Next week, Lexie has her Come Alive theatre on Tuesday morning. Every fifth grader researches a historic figure. They prepare a speech and dress as that person. When someone comes by and presses the red button in front of them, the student “comes alive” and gives their spiel about their historic person’s life. Lexie is Sandra Day O’Connor – the first woman U.S. Supreme Court Justice. When Jase did this two years ago, he was author F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Wednesday of next week brings Jase’s only end of the year activity. He will have his own field day at the middle school. Sixth graders go out in the morning and seventh grade participates in the afternoon. The eighth graders are off at their own end of the school year pool party on that same day.

Image result for school is out

And then we come to the day every student (and teacher) has been counting down to – the last day of school. For Lexie this means a graduation ceremony as she leaves the elementary school. We will take her out of school that day after the ceremony.

After that it is just 10 weeks of Summer vacation before they will both be going to the same school again. I am sure the summer will fly by as will these last two weeks – or should I say 8 days – of school. It always does.

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