K is for Klutz #AtoZChallenge

For this year’s A to Z Challenge, I have chosen the theme of character flaws – something all characters need.

K is for Klutz. A klutz is a clumsy, awkward person. Often when you think of a klutz you think of the goofy oaf who trips over his own feet or drops anything he holds. If a klutz is carrying a tray of full glasses, you can be sure they’ll end up on the floor.

Need an example of a klutz? Well, if you are old enough to remember the TV show Three’s Company, then Jack Tripper is a perfect example. Much of the character’s humor comes from his accident-prone nature.

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One thought on “K is for Klutz #AtoZChallenge

  1. Atherton says:

    Hello again, fellow A-to-Zer! I just had to come back and check on your latest character flaws. In your list. I don’t mean yours, of course. Hm…

    I am thinking seriously of editing that second sentence, but I think it is funny-bad, so I’ll leave it as it is.

    Anyway, this is a great edition to the list. Klutzes (of which I am one) are sometimes serious menaces. And, in some stories, people who trip over their own feet could be positively deadly. Like in a tense action scene, for example.

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