Too busy to blog?

Once upon a time… That is how many fairy tales begin. But my saga is not a fairy tale but rather the tale of someone who is way too busy. So let’s begin again.

Once upon a time there was an author who had a blog. Ambitiously, she vowed to post on the blog 5 days a week. But after a few months that became too much of a challenge, so she went down to 4 times a week. And for the next six or so years, she kept up with that.

Then her usual places to search for authors to feature on her blog dried up. It became too much work to keep seeking out authors. After hosting over 300 authors, she let slide her Friday Featured Author. (If you are an author and want to be featured, let me know.)

As her other obligations – bookkeeping for her husband’s law firm, volunteering for the parent-teacher association and general housekeeping/childrearing – grew, her time for blogging and writing diminished. But she still found time to post three times a week on her blog. Her aim was to do a month’s worth of blogging at a time but some how she got off that schedule.

Then it became a weekend project. “Do I have my posts for this coming week done?” she will ask herself. Nope. And she would pull out her laptop and rattle off 500+ words on a parenting topic and then another 500+ words on a writing/marketing/publishing topic. Sometimes on a very busy weekend, she would only worry about her Monday parenting topic knowing that she could write her other post later in the week.

This was all working out well until…an exceptionally busy week came about. There were PTA meetings to plan the annual spring festival, decorating days for the upcoming Valentine’s Day party that would be celebrated Friday, February 8th due to the wacky school schedule, a PTA meeting to run, books to count for the book drive at the middle school, a homeowners association meeting to attend, grocery shopping because our pantry was bare and financial reports that had to be run for the law firm.

Yeah, to say it is a busy week would be an understatement. And here it is only the middle of the week with more Valentine’s Day decorating and the actual party and a Founder’s Day dinner where she will be honored with a Texas Honorary Life Member for all her volunteering at the Elementary school.

So, back to our story, our protagonist is overwhelmed and still she has nothing written for her Thursday blog. Sure, she could try to rattle off something quickly about writing or continue her series on Writing/Publishing a novel, but it is late. She just returned from the HOA meeting and is tired. But she doesn’t want to drop any more days of posting on her blog and wants to keep up her streak of posting every Thursday since the blog began.

She pulls out her laptop, sits on the bed with her kitty beside her and types out her story with the hope that next week will be better, that she will have time to write a helpful article rather than an example of how not to be a writer. A great volunteer maybe but definitely not the desired lifestyle of an author in the midst of writing her sixth book. And while she can hope for those better, less busy days, she certainly isn’t holding her breath.

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