A Star Wars Christmas Tree

My husband and I have talked about it for a few years. Every year, we get more Star Wars Hallmark Christmas ornaments thanks to my mom. For many years, every Thanksgiving, she gives everyone in the family Hallmark ornaments – Star Wars for Jase and my husband, trains for my dad and whatever catches her eye for my brother, Lexie and me.

With more Star Wars ornaments coming in each year, I can’t even begin to tell you how many we have. I would say over 75, but I haven’t counted them recently.

So, each year, when we get the latest release of Hallmark Star Wars Christmas ornaments, we mention we have enough to decorate a Christmas tree with just the Star War ornaments. We already have a 9’ slim tree in our living room and a 7’ tree in our front office, which are decorated with many, many Hallmark ornaments – Star Wars and others – as well as handmade ornaments. We clearly have enough ornaments for another tree. For a while now, I suggested we add a third tree to the house and put it in our bedroom.

Well, this year my mom bought my husband the Hallmark Star Wars Christmas tree skirt. It is very cool. It lights up! But both of our trees already had tree skirts. Hmmm…must be a sign for us to finally buy a tree to dedicate to our Star Wars ornaments.

And that is what we did. We bought a 7 ½’ slim tree for our bedroom and put most of the Star Wars ornaments on it. We did keep a few for the other two trees.

Now what would a Star Wars tree be without a Star Wars Christmas tree topper. Hallmark does have one – a Death Star. I was able to find it on sale online. It too is awesome. It lights up and plays either “The Imperial March” or “The Star Wars Theme,” when first turned on or when activated by a remote that is concealed as an ornament.

So after years of talking about it, we now have a Star Wars Christmas tree.

One thought on “A Star Wars Christmas Tree

  1. Oh WOW, that tree skirt is AWESOME!!!

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