Miscommunications abound when getting info through my daughter

Last week, I wrote about this year’s extracurricular activities for Lexie and Jase. As I mentioned, fifth graders have lot of choices. They can help with the special needs kids (Buddies), do safety patrol (morning or afternoon), be in fifth grade strings (beginning orchestra) or be on EPTV (morning announcements). There is also choir, robotics or student council.

Many of these opportunities must be applied for at the end of the fourth-grade year. Lexie wanted to do patrols. She applied…and didn’t get in. That is practically unheard of, but the P.E. coach insisted they had too many people for afternoon patrols. He said she was on the waiting list. A day later, Lexie came home and told me if she changed to morning patrols that she could get in. I agreed she could do that. But somewhere along the way, Lexie must have not understood what Coach meant, because she still didn’t get in. She would have to wait until after the summer to see if anyone moved or dropped out.

So, I asked Lexie what else she might want to do. She said EPTV. I knew there would be an application for that too. I asked Lexie to find out when it would be. The librarian aide told her it would be after the STAAR test. The test came and went, and Lexie didn’t see any applications. I told her to keep checking. And then we heard they were doing interviews, and it was too late to apply.

Feeling frustrated, I wrote the school librarian. She admitted that when Lexie had spoken to her and to her aide, they thought she had already applied. It seems that the applications had been out for weeks and that on the day she didn’t get into patrols was the deadline. She asked about EPTV just next day. (She swears she never heard the multiple announcements to apply for EPTV.)

So, now it was too late for EPTV unless she wanted to be the backup camera person. But that would mean that she would only be used a handful of times if at all. We declined that option. The librarian had another suggestion. Every year, the librarian aide picked a fifth grader to help in the mornings with the kindergartners. If Lexie wanted to, she could speak to the librarian’s aide about it.

She did that the next day and it was all set. Or at least it is if you can believe what Lexie says. And I do…most of the time, but the past few weeks had proven that communication with Lexie or rather through Lexie was not always accurate.

As it turned out, Lexie did get the librarian assistant job. I think that was through persistence. At the end of summer, she checked in the with the librarian aide and then again after school started. In the beginning of September, she began helping with the kindergartners and enjoys reading to them a few times a week.

Little did we know that a few weeks later, an afternoon patrol position opened. Lexie said Coach told her she could do it if I approved. Hmm…I had heard that before. So, I emailed Coach and guess what. This time the information was correct. Lexie began training as a Patrol the following Tuesday.

All this miscommunication was frustrating, but I guess it all worked out in the end.

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