A is for Abracadabra #AtoZChallenge

It is time for the A to Z Challenge!!! No foolin’! 

For this year’s A to Z Challenge, I have chosen the theme of songs about magic. (Fitting for a fantasy author.)

A is for “Abracadabra” by the Steve Miller Band. The single was released in 1982 as the first song off their album by the same name. It was written by Steve Miller.

Originally, Capitol Records didn’t see it as a potential hit and didn’t want to release the song.  It was only after it was released in Europe and became a hit that it was also released in the United States where it climbed to the number one spot on the Billboard 100. It spent 14 weeks in the top 10.

Now this song isn’t totally about magic as in spells and incantations, but the title is a word magician might use as part of an incantation. The magic in the song is more about sexual tension or perhaps the spell of a woman than magic.

“I feel the magic in your caress
I feel magic when I touch your dress…

I see magic in your eyes
I hear the magic in your sighs”

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