An Early Start on our Alamo City Comic Con Costumes

Any of you who follow my blog know that my family dresses up for the Alamo City Comic Con. Often there is not rhyme or reason to the characters we go as. Everyone just chooses something that they like.

The first year – I wore a huntress costume. A generic costume – not the DC character. My husband went as Jedi, and the kids went as Star Wars ARF Trooper for my son and Elsa for my daughter.

The second year – I wanted something more recognizable, so I went as Poison Ivy. My husband went as Han Solo, and the kids went as Star Wars ARF Trooper (again) for my son and the pink Power Ranger for my daughter.

The third year – As soon as I saw the trailer Suicide Squad, I knew I wanted to go as Harley Quinn. (There were many other people who had the same idea.) My husband went as Batman, my son as Deadshot and my daughter as Wonder Woman. This is as close to a family theme as we have done (all DC comic characters).

Lara Croft

Last year – My husband and I started thinking about “couple” costumes. We decided to go as Lara Croft and Indiana Jones. No, they aren’t a couple but again it is the theme – archeologists/adventurers. We got a lot of attention. My son went as K2SO from Rogue One, and my daughter was a very cute Pikachu.

Now Alamo City Comic Con typically is in the fall so we have eight or nine months before we need to have our costumes picked out. But since we often are putting together some of our costumes (rather than buying them) we like to plan early. For awhile now, my husband and I have been kicking around ideas of couples costumes for the 2018 Comic Con.

Rogue & Gambit from the X-men, Scott and Jean Gray from the X-men, Harley Quinn & the Joker from DC Comics, Aladdin & Jasmine from Disney, Captain Hook and Emma Swan from TV’s Once Upon a Time, and some more obscure suggestions found on the internet were all considered.

Related image

The Canary and Green Arrow from Season 2 of the TV show Arrow.

We decided this year we will go as The Canary/Sara Lance and Green Arrow/Oliver Queen from the TV show Arrow. Originally, we picked the Season 2 costumes but since my husband decided to order his costume this year (rather than make it), our costumes are from different seasons. Sara Lance appeared in Season 2 but was killed off in Season 3. Of course, this being a TV show based on a comic book series – no one stays dead. Sara Lance is brought back to life in Season 4 before going off to her own series DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

As I said, my husband ended up buying his costume. Making a costume with green leather just turned out to be too hard to do so he ordered it off Ebay. He also bought a bow but plans to make the quiver and some arrows without points (since you can’t take real weapons into comic con.)

I had considered buying my costume. But then after looking at what I would need, I decided to piece it together. I ordered a leather jacket that looked similar to her cropped jacket and ordered some black leather pants (because really where am I going to find leather pants but on the internet?). Finding a black corset that fit me correctly proved to be harder than I thought. After going through about 5 different ones, I found the perfect one. (Again, thankful for the internet and Amazon’s free return policy.) I already had the boots so after ordering a blonde wig, I think most of my costume is complete. We will still have to work on a mask, bo (staff) and a belt. But the costume is definitely coming together, and we still have nine months to go.

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