It’s that time again – the kids are back in school

The parents are celebrating today! School has begun for another year.

I love spending the summer with Lexie and Jase but there always comes a time when I am ready for my normal routine to return.

This morning brought an extra mix of nerves and excitement for Jase. It is his first day at middle school. Normally he would walk but since we are still dealing with the rain brought by this weekend’s hurricane, I opted to drive him.

Middle school will be so different from what he is use to. No longer does he just have one teacher. Now he has eight. He has to navigate the halls to each class and lunch is no longer the organized by class event it was last year. This past Thursday, Jase went to “Pup Camp.” (The name comes from the fact that the school mascot is a timber wolf and his grade is the lowest, newest grade at the school.) At “Pup Camp,” the sixth graders learn where their locker and classes are located. Jase was happy to find he has a class or two with some friends.

We did go back to the school the next day to let him practice opening the combination lock on his locker a few times. He finally got it down, and I know that makes him feel better that he won’t be struggling on the first day.

Since this is Jase’s first year at middle school, it means it also is the first year for Lexie to go to elementary by herself. She began fourth grade today. Her teacher is Mrs. Vandertulip. This was Jacen’s fifth grade teacher last year so Lexie is really excited to have her. Last Thursday she got to take her supplies to class and pick out her seat. She currently is sitting with a group of friends. But even if the teacher splits them up later, I don’t worry about Lexie. She is so outgoing and friendly that she will be fine with whomever she sits near.

And as always, her backpack carries a letter to her teacher. In it I fill Mrs. Vandertulip in on Lexie’s eczema, allergies and ADHD. We will have a special meeting with the teacher later in the year about Lexie’s health issues but I always like the teacher to have the info on Day 1. (Technically the teacher can review the notes from last year’s meeting but I like the personal touch.)

So now I am back at home and the house is quiet. People keep saying I will have tons of time on my hands but that isn’t true. I have two PTAs that I am active on and of course my latest novel to complete.  Before I know it, the kids will be home, excitedly telling me about their days. I’m looking forward to that.

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