Throwing two pool parties

School is in its final month. The days are getting warmer. OK, we are in Texas so the days are getting HOT. The temperature is already in the 90s. It is time to think about cooling off in the pool. And pools mean it is party time!

My neighborhood kicks off every summer with a party at our pool. And for the past eight years, I have been in charge of it. Yes, this means I have it down to a science so it takes very little work.

Neighborhood Pool Party

This summer’s party will be June 3, so I have a few more weeks to work on this party. The key to our party is to keep everything simple. We started out with only serving ice cream sundaes but the past few years we added in hot dogs, popcorn and sodas.

The popcorn started as something for our Fall Festival, but since we have the machine, we might as well use it. Hot dogs also started out being served at the Fall Festival. It was a pretty easy meal. We just warmed them in a crock pot.

In addition to food, we do a few games. We have done cannon ball diving contests and the limbo but the kids’ favorite and one we repeat each party involves gummy worms and whipped cream. You place a gummy worm on a plate and top it with tons of whipped cream. The goal is for the kids to eat the gummy worm without using their hands. They love it!

Then at the end we give out water squirters, bubbles, chalk and other summer fun prizes to every kid.

This year in addition to planning the neighborhood party which usually has about 70 people (adults and kids), I am throwing a party for all the fifth-graders at my son’s elementary school.

Fifth-Grade Pool Party

It is a tradition at Jase’s school that the fifth graders get a party at a local pool. They are after all “graduating” from elementary school and moving on to middle school. The party is thrown during the school day on the last Friday of the school year.

Because the lady who was going to run the party backed out, I and two other parents stepped up to take care of it. I am the organized one, so I have taken the lead role. This event is more than just one school day at the pool. There is a lot of decorating and planning that goes into this. Thankfully, most parents enjoy helping out.

In order to build up to the big day, we decorate the fifth-grade halls in some sort of water theme. Rather than spend hours working on this, I am just taking items used in previous years and mixing them together to decorate the walls, doors and bulletin boards.

We also decorate the sidewalk with chalk from the school to the pool – which is a little less than half a mile away. This gives the kids something to look at while they walk! This is done the evening before the party. Again, if we get lots of help, this should go well. I have already bought 240 pieces of chalk and have requested parents to bring some with them.

Now the party is from 10 am to 1:30 p.m. We will serve the kids lunch. They voted for Chick-fila. And of course we will have snacks and snow cones. And we have to plan a few things to keep them busy. But really the pool should provide most the entertainment.

It felt like a big chore, but it is coming together well. (I won’t know how well it goes until this Friday!)

And now that I have done this party, maybe I will decide to be in charge of it in two years when Lexie is in fifth grade. But for now, I am just looking to be done with both these parties!

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