The Busy Month of May

Seventeen school days left….I know kids and teachers are counting down the days. And I am sure there are some parents eagerly waiting for those carefree summer days.

I, on the other hand, usually end up dreading May as it just feels like there is so much going on – picnics, parties, breakfasts, birthdays, tournaments and who knows what else.


As the school year wraps up, the kids’ activities seem to increase. First off we have state-mandated testing. This is Lexie’s first year taking the test so she will be a little nervous.

Later in the month there will be a class picnic for Lexie. Since Jase is in fifth grade, he won’t get a picnic. Instead they have a pool party to celebrate him “graduating” from elementary school. And silly me, I volunteered to be in charge of the pool party so I am crazy busy throwing a party for 125 kids and their parents.

Last year in May Jase had a school field trip to Austin (an all-day endeavor that ended at 5 p.m.). It ended up being on his birthday. This year the field trips were in April but again on his birthday he will be taking a short trip over to the middle school to tour his soon-to-be new school.

Jase has one last big project. Fifth graders participate in a living theatre where the students research famous people and then become them in a sort of interactive exhibit. This of course means Jase needs to have a costume so he can become F. Scott Fitzgerald for the morning.

Extracurricular Activities

May also means the wrap of Jase’s soccer season. I don’t know if they have any end of the season events planned but sometimes there is a meal out where they get their medals.

On the last day of soccer, Jase also has a karate tournament. This is a requirement for his next belt test which also is at the end of the month. He is testing for his second-degree red belt which includes an essay and a kata (a series of moves that he has to create).


May brings the transition month for the PTA. We host our end of the year breakfast where current board members hand over their binders to the incoming board. It is usually a nice meal where we take time to appreciate each other’s hard work. As first VP, I set up the breakfast for the elementary PTA.

This year, I will have two of these meetings. Next school year I will be on the PTA board for the middle school so I will have their breakfast to go too.

On both PTAs, I will be an officer next year so each PTA will have an officer planning meeting this month.


This month, Jase turns 12. We will celebrate at home with family on Mother’s Day (so really a joint celebration). And then Jase will celebrate with a few friends the following Sunday. Yes, it is low key but still takes some planning.

We are also going to the Alamo City Comic Con over Memorial Day weekend. Usually this event has been held in the fall but for some reason it got moved up to May this year. We need to finish our costumes. There are only two more weekends to go so we better get working.

Whew! I am exhausted just typing all this. With so much going on, I am sure this month is just going to fly by.


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