#AtoZChallenge Recap

In April, I participated in the A to Z challenge where each day (except Sundays) you post on a new topic following the letters of the alphabet. So April 1 was A, April 3 was B and so on.

This was my fourth year doing the challenge. The organizers of the challenge suggest you pick a theme for your writing. The first year I didn’t do a theme. The next year it was TV shows and then last year I did characters. This year I decided to write about antagonists.

Now I typically have certain days that I already have topics to write about so I decided to incorporate the theme of antagonists on those days too. So here was my posting schedule.

Monday – Parenting (with an antagonist twist – topics included bad boys, high school and the word NO)

Tuesday – Antagonist

Wednesday – Quote by an antagonist

Thursday – Writing (about antagonists – topics included evil, killers, witches and questions to ask your antagonist)

Friday – Antagonist AND my scheduled Featured Author (Any authors interested in being on my Friday Feature, contact me through the About Me section.)

Saturday – Antagonist

I know many people on the challenge write their posts throughout the month or even the day they are to post. But I picked my topic and planned out my posts beginning in February. I had them all done by the end of March. It was nice not to have to write any blogs in April, which is a very busy month for me.  If I left my writing to the day of (or day before), I would probably have ended by the letter F like many of the others who signed up to participate.

Part of the challenge is also to visit other blogs. You never know when you will find a new favorite blogger. In past years, I have done better at this but this really has been a busy month. I did make it to some blogs and even some that were very interesting.

As always, I enjoyed the challenge and look forward to doing it again next year.

For any of you who have missed out on my blogs from the A to Z challenge, here is a recap of what I covered.

A is for Apocalypse

B is for Bad Boys (parenting)

C is for Cruella de Vil

D is for Darth Vader (Quote)

D is for To Die for Cake (Recipe)

E is for Evil (Writing)

F is for Freddy Kruger

G is for Gollum

H is for High School (parenting)

I is for Iron Monger

J is for Jafar (Quote)

K is for Killers (Writing)

L is for Loki

M is for Maleficent

N is for No (parenting)

O is for Oggie Boogie

P is for Professor Moriarty (Quote)

Q is for Questions (Writing)

R is for the Riddler

S is for Sauron 

T is for Technology (parenting)

U is for Ursula

V is for Voldemort (Quote)

W is for Witches (writing)

X is for Xenomorph

Y is for Yondu

Z is for Zoom

One thought on “#AtoZChallenge Recap

  1. Congratulations on completing the challenge (sorry for being late). This was my forth year as well. I enjoyed your blog posts, they were fun to read. Take care.

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